Klein 25′ Magnetic Tape Measure


Walking down the aisle in your local hardware store there are countless options for tape measures, they come in every color, every brand and many different lengths. Each brand has their higher end and their budget tapes, but what separates one from the other.  There are many different factors that make a tape measure great, stand out, print of the tape, tape coating, blade lock or auto lock features, vertical stand out, toughness… I could go on and on.

Klein has an option for us for a tape measure and it isn’t just an ordinary tape measure, it packs some things that separate it from the pack. My personal favorite is the brake on the bottom of the tape, not only does it aide in retraction but extending the tape as well. The composition of the tape is a double sided nylon coating which like other great tape measures (Stanley Fatmax, Dewalt XP) it doesn’t scratch easily. The tape will stand out up to around nine and a half feet, but vertical reach is limited. After three to four feet the tape tends to twist.

Being from a company that creates tool for electricians, the tape is designed with electricians in mind. The blade hook features magnets on the inside and the outside, great for measuring EMT or to steel studs. Also on the back side of the tape, its features a conduit bending table.


Although on the larger side, this tape measure will only cost you twenty bucks.  You can pick it up at your local Home Depot. Also available at Amazon for the same price.

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