NPS 17 – Milwaukee Swings for a Homerun

Wow what a great showing of tools we got from Milwaukee at this years NPS.  What I will do here is just a simple collaboration of what we got to see this year from all the guys in attendance.  For now I will list what we have been shown but I will do my best to accumulate any information and links for each tool.

Comment below for anything I’ve missed!


  1. These are the ones we have over at ( that you’re missing. We have photos linked for all of them so you don’t have to go digging through the #NPS17 tag to update your post.

    M12 FUEL 2nd Gen Drill/Driver (It’s listed with the hammer drill on our site)
    Dustless Concrete Cutting Shroud
    Vacuum Bits
    M18 Fuel Sectional Drum Cleaner
    Tool Lanyards
    Pick Set
    Pen Light
    Demolition Chisels

    We’re still updating our list as specs and prices are released. We completely missed the Short Throw Press Tool. Looks like a lot of people didn’t care about it compared to the other tools. Also surprised by the lack of info given about the new hand tools. Most people just glossed over them besides just posting a quick photo and saying “new [tool name]”.


  2. Its really hard for someone like me to keep track of all the new tools that come out every year. Usually, if I need a tool, I just go out and buy it. I am not really one of those, fill my shop up with 1000 pounds worth of tools, and hope that I use half of them within the next 10 years kind of guy. Good list Jimbo!


  3. Milwaukee came out with so many awesome tools this year! Can’t wait to get my hands on them! I love your reviews keep up the good work! Ig:ctsparkyyy


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