Southwire – 5 in 1 Pliers

So I am the first one to admit that I am a bit of a snob when it comes to hand tools, just look in my tool box and bags, its flooded with USA Made Klein, Proto, Crafstman (The little bit left) and totally dominated by German Made Wera, Gedore, Knipex, Wiha, Felo. So is there really room for a Chinese made plier anywhere? You can see the bar gets set high.

Well let me tell you my fellow tool lovers, the Southwire 5N1 multi-pliers just blew my mind aware with quality despite the Made in China badge. If you blind folded my and made me ignorant of my snobby tool obsession I would guess these were not made in Asia based on the quality alone, so moving on before I start a debate on tool Country of Origin, lets dive into these multi-ability pliers.

So being a 5 in 1 plier, what can they do?

The first thing you notice is the teeth on the nose of the plier. Essentially it is a mini-linesman tip that will allow you to grip wires among other things but also grab lock nuts

for a tightening.

Moving on down the tool we approach the wire strippers.  Here we can strip 10-14 gauge solid wire, and if case you forget it saw its right on there to remind you which hole to use.


Further south on the tool you’ll notice the cutting edge. This is the most impressive aspect of the tool, a very smooth spring loaded action allows you to chop wire and other small diameter materials with ease. The curve of the cutting edge is similar to cable shears which give a very clean cut to the wires.  Without repositioning you can easily cut and move into the stripper all in one tool.

On the underside of the plier are the crimpers, there isn’t much to say about a crimping function but its there when you need it.


Last but not least the middle and hind end of the plier head is grooved for reaming function, now these will only ream the inside of the EMT.


Now I have never been one to jump on a Multi-tool option for full time use, I still prefer to carry an allotment of tools to complete a task, its a style that I have become used to.  Needless to say these will fit great in any tool bag, not only electricians but technicians and other installers. For work where your on a ladder or in a small attic space, having one tool instead of five is a benefit.


I recommend getting your hands on a set of these, if you just do occasional electric work, this will cover all your bases.  Pick on up for $28 on Amazon.

One comment

  1. Good write up, very therough as always. But I think you should review the Irwin wire strippers I bought. You know the self adjusting ones that all you have to do is squeeze once and the wire is stripped ready to go? Also has a cutter and crimper built in of course, mazimizes the tool. But I love my Irwin wire strippers, so that would make a good review. Maybe I should do one but I am really not in the mood to write reviews right now. lol


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