Theres something about a a Bosch drill that just makes me smile, it just has that feel of that tool that is going to be around a long time. Them have a reputation for being reliable, long lasting tools, with a quality warranty. A few years back a few guys known as Tools in Action tortured a whole lot of drills and a Bosch came out the lone survivor.

Bosch has really took a leap ahead this past year, what we have known them to just exist in the tool line up and maybe being an underdog are now hitting clean up. We’ve seen some great stuff recently from them, Core/Eneracer battery packs, a 6.3 ah pack loaded with 20700 cells, a new line of drills (the 183 series) and starlock OMTs not even to mention the REAXX table saw. The point I’m trying to make is Bosch makes some awesome tools that are rock solid and now we can get a tool kit that has a few of their super stars.

For $399 you can land yourself a drill and impact kit with 2 core batteries and let me tell you, the batteries alone are worth it. To do a proper runtime test you’d need a team of users and a pack of red bull. The GXL18V-225B24 (mouthful I know) is an outstanding kit that gives you the newest Brute drill, the HDH183, the Socket Ready Impact, IDH182, two Core batteries, a fan cooled 8 amp charger (BC1880) that will charge them bad boys in under and hour (55 minute to be exact), a bag and a handful of bits, bit holder and belt clips.



So what does the core battery do thats different from any other 18v battery? It holds 20700 cells inside of it giving it 6.3 amp hours. These cells are the same ones Dewalt is using in their 20v XR 6.0 packs and the FV 3.0/9.0 packs but what Bosch did different is their batteries aren’t much bigger than their standard 6.0 ah packs. Bosch worked their Cool Pack technology into the Core to keep them cooler and prevent over heating. You can even use these up to 4 below zero degrees Fahrenheit. At the end of all the science and the tech your battery will be on the tool more than the charger.


HDH183 “the brute”

So the Brute returns, the flagship Bosch drill. The HDH183 is a brushless hammer drill spinning at up to 2100 rpm and 31,500 bpm in hammer mode. The brute pushes 663 in lbs of torque which is rather low for a flagship drill, but it doesn’t feel underpowered by any means. Paired with a Core battery the Brute can tackle most things that you throw at it, larger diameter augers, spur augers, lags, its not going to let you down.


One thing I enjoy on a drill is an independent mode selector and clutch. The Brute has a very nice clutch paired with an easy to use mode selector. The clutch feels a little weak in a sense it could engage at lower torques on the lower settings.

Those of you that know me know that I am a stickler when it comes to the speed selector switch, well… I like this one! It doesn’t stick at all, very smooth and easy to switch gears. Its something rather simple but something larger gearboxes drills sometimes struggle with eh hem Dewalt.

But what is my favorite thing about the drill? The grip, Bosch did a phenomenal job improving the ergonomics of their handle. It holds true to the thinner handles Bosch drills use but the rubber over molding is much improved from previous generations. I would in fact vote this one of the most comfortable grips behind the infamous Dewalt 20v Max grip, and thats a high bar in my opinion.

The Brute also comes with a pretty innovation safety handle that allows the user to set the handle in multiple orientations around the drill. Its easy to remove with a spring loaded ring to expand and slide off. A depth rod accompanies the tool as well.


The biggest shining star of this drill, maybe besides the ROHM chuck is the cool tech packed away inside. The new 183 series drills boast Bosch’s Anti-Kickback control. When the drill trips its gyroscope it will turn the drill off and flash its LED light. Now the drill will still toss your wrist around but around 180 degrees later it saves you from a broken wrist or a drill flying out of your hand. This means safer job sites especially when working on ladders and roofs.

Now there is a drawback to this tool and I’m not going to let Bosch slide on this one, sorry guys, but there is a significant chuck wobble on this drill. The thing is every drill and manufacturer may suffer this issue and I have seen it across many brands, but this is the second Bosch Drill that I have had this issue with. Its disappointing to see but not enough to turn this drill away.

Regardless of this minor issue it loves up to its name of being a tank of a drill. Built to endure from Bosch with its strengthened gear housing and Durashield. You can buy the baretool for $189 from ACME.

IDH182 – Socket Ready Impact

The kit also ships with arguably one of the most versatile impact drivers. What is so unique about this impact is its ability to accept either 1/2″ sockets or 1/4″ insert bits. Now this won’t replace a traditional impact wrench with its 1650 in lbs of torque but if you do a lot of work with lags its a great option to consider. From the science of it their it less torque loss using a socket without an adapter, which this impact allows you to do.

The impact tops out at 2800 rpms at 3200 imps. Its brushless motor is no slouch when it comes to driving fasteners. It will allow the user to tackle a wide ranger of screws and lags. Having a supercharged battery pack helps it out as well.


Bosch equipped the 182 with a three LEDs located around the chuck with an option of turning them off. Additionally there are three speed modes as well. There are no bells and whistles like the competition just lower rpms and imps across the electronically controlled speeds.


Unfortunately the 182 doesn’t share the same quality grip as the new Brute, its a step ahead of older drills but doesn’t bear the same level of comfort. The rubber its harder and tends to rub the hand while gripping. The chuck could stand improvement as well, being a two handed chuck the user must pull the collar back to fully insert a bit. One thing I did enjoy was the large collar that allows sockets to push off of the anvil rather easily.

At the end of the day its a solid impact driver that won’t disappoint you. Being two drives in one you can tackle many many tasks with this unit. You can pick a baretool up for $159 at ACME.

But really, why by a baretool? Get the kit with the Core Batteries, if your already in the Bosch lineup, it will give your older tools new life, if not, your already a step ahead. The kit will run you $399. Click here to get yours.

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  1. Bosch is really surprising the competition with their excellent quality power tools. Of course at the end of the day, the brand that people choose, is the brand they already have. So if you have Bosch, you will buy more Bosch of course. I personally have Milwaukee, and I love it very much. 🙂


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