Dewalt XR Compact Reciprocating Saw

Go into a tool store and I’m pretty sure you can find a whole aisle of just reciprocating saws or what most of us call a “Sawzall.” Milwaukee lead the path with the reciprocating saws and to this day make one of the most comfortable and powerful reciprocating saws. Now over the past year we have seen the competition heat up with Makita releasing two variants (18V and 36V) brushless models and Dewalt release the monster 60V flex volt saw. But with all this power comes a trade off… size.

Most manufactures offer a smaller version of the reciprocating saw, Bosch, Milwaukee and Makita all offer a small “one handed” style saw that is compact and ergonomic. Dewalt takes a different approach to this and they gave us the DCS 387 and its corded 10 amp brother. The cool thing about this is they angled the motor to shorten the length of the saw, its compact yet holds great in the arms like a traditional reciprocating saw. The 387 is short enough that it can fit between a 16″ stud space for demo work. The brushed 387 how ever suffered from bad vibration ad a lack of power due to its shortened form factor and brushed motor, but that’s okay, Dewalt gave us a new one, the Made in the USA Brushless DCS 367.

Now I’m going to tell you, I love this little saw. Coming in at 2900 strokes per minute at a stroke length of 1 1/8″ it stands right up with its bigger brothers. The saw is powerful and ergonomic sticking with the famous 20V Max grip. The saw paired with a good quality blade is pretty comfortable to use aside from a two minor short comings.

Dewalt has improved the vibration issue over the previous model however it still suffers from vibration of the saw into the users hands. After working with the saw for some time your hands can still feel the vibration of the saw. The forward over molding on the saw is very comfortable though for two handed use to really rip through material but on the top part of the D handle at the rear of the saw your hand tends to slide up the grip and gets the point of the D into your palm.


Although they did not give us an adjustable shoe either, this is a great saw to have in your arsenal. It’s a value setting you back only $139 bare tool from ACME tools. For that price you get performance of the bigger boys but in a tight package. Now if your looking for a kit I would definitely recommend skipping over the 2.0 battery kit and get a 5.0 ah hour pack.  The large pack will fuel the brushless motor better giving you not only longer run time but better performance.


Being a demo tool you can really push this tool to its limits. Being brushless it can take the beating a traditional poled motor cannot take. Throughout my testing with a 5.0 ah pack the tool did heat up around the motor housing but never over heated a battery pack.  Why is this important? It keeps you working on one battery instead of swapping your packs out to cool and charge.

So definitely go try this one out, I think you will enjoy it! Dewalt did a great job refining this saw. It still holds the iconic 4 way blade position which allows you to mount blades sideways or vertical in both orientations. The lever for the blade change is large enough you can swap your blades out without taking a glove off keeping you working.

Head over to Acme tools to get yours today.


  1. Looks to be a real improvement over the previous model. I have the older one and I think am one of the very few who actually liked it. I’m sure I will really love this one. My only inner fight is this model or the flexvolt. Ideally I guess both is the answer both have their place at the job site. Thanks for the review keep up the good hard work and may God continue to bless you!!!


  2. Very nice tool! In my experience, whenever you push these tools too hard, the batteries generally overheat. I have seen this in many brands before. So its quite interesting to know that this tool won’t overheat the battery. Should allow someone to work more productively. 🙂


    1. Thats the beauty of a brushless motor is that the limits of the motor can be pushed much further than a traditional brushed motor, under high stress a brushed motor will start to smoke as the brushes burn into the motor, brushless motors are more electronic and will just kick off right before this would happen, but being more efficient at using the energy stored in the attached battery it can achieve much more power.


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