Southwire Compact True RMS Multimeter 16040T with Bluetooth

Bluetooth in a multimeter? Yes you read that right! Now this isn’t a speaker where you can play your iTunes through but this technology is pretty cool when connected to your phone. But lets talk about the meter first and its capablities before we dive into controlling it with your phone!

So first things first this is a CAT III Multi-Voltage True RMS meter from Southwire. Without diving into a science lesson which is far beyond what I can truly explain without confusing you guys, its has to do with the wave lengths of AC voltage and the various waves a meter will encounter. (Fluke does a great job of explaining it.)

So now that we have our doctorate in True RMS you’ll understand that a meter with True-RMS is generally a higher quality meter that will provide very accurate readings, well Southwire brought you this meter in a small package and an even smaller price, only $60, originally $80 but this model can be found at Lowes and Amazon at the lower price.

Now the 16040T is a compact meter but its not compact in function. It comes equipped with a built in kick stand and even a small work light on the front of the unit. Now being honest I haven’t run into a situation where I needed this light but you have it if you need a little extra illumination. Now the meter must be turned on for the work light to be operating.

The layout of the front panel is very user friendly as well.  Higher end meters tend to have a plethora of modes and options, Southwire did a great job of making this meter simpler while still being able to perform a wide variety of functions. Now this meter is an auto-ranging meter so the user is only required to select between AC and DC voltages up to 600V. Other included features of this meter are:

  • Frequency and % Duty Cycle
  • AC/DC Current up to 10 amps
  • Resistance
  • Diode Testing
  • Continuity
  • Capacitance

Now how does the bluetooth function fall into play with this. With the connection of the meter to the MApp software on your phone to tablet, it will give you a readout of whatever you are testing and whatever mode your are in. The software allows your to take either screen shots or videos of your readings for documentation. Its not a feature you would use everyday but the ability to keep your meter connected to a circuit and have readings remotely can come in handy.

With MApp you can change some functions through the application itself, but that is limited to the mode in which you are in. For example testing current you can switch between AC and DC but if your under the mode setting for Diodes you can switch between resistance, continuity and capacitance all from the app. You can also trigger the Min/Max function from the app or the button on the meter.


A few notable features of the 16040T are the 4000 count backlit screen, which stays on until you turn it off, as well as a kick stand for when working on a flat surface. The leads the company the meter give you plenty of length to get your work done. The wires are thick and can take snagging without being damaged.  All of the brown that you see on the meter including the dial is a rubber over molding that keeps the meter gripped in your hand.

For 80 bucks its a decent valued meter but being available for only $60. I would like to see some level of dust and water protection like some of its competitors have but its a lot of meter for the category that it is in. If your like me and like to look at tools shoot over to your local Lowes to take a look at one. Or click over to Amazon and order yours today.


  1. That would be a neat multi-meter to have, one that could interface with my phone and allow me to do all kinds of crazy things. HEHE – But, I would want more functionality. Seems, the meter is limmated to volts, amps, and continuity. Which in reality, is mostly all that many would need in a meter. But as a mechanic, it would be really nice to have a tach function in it for checking engine speed. Very neat stuff from Southwire, how much does that meter cost?


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