Southwire Tools – MADE IN THE USA

Its been a little while since we’ve seen the much wanted release of the Made in the USA line of tools from Southwire. As a tool user, it makes me proud to see a company take the wants and desires of their customers and translate it into a product line. For a long time Southwire users and critics have demanded USA made tools, and they delivered.

First off let me tell you the quality of the tool its right inline with the expectation of a USA made tool. The pliers feel heavy in the hand but not bulky. The cutting edges are sharp and hold and edge. I did have one problem with one of the grips but when I break down each tool I’ll discuss that further. Overall bearing the red white and blue colors I am proud to have these in my tool box.

Here is a closer look:

CCP9D-US 9′ Cable Cutting Pliers

The cable cutters a good size and relatively easy to cut up to 4/0 AWG aluminum and 2/0 AWG copper. They have a dipped handle but unfortunately are not spring loaded, requiring two hands to fully open them. The blades are induction hardened and easily slice through common items like romex. Larger diameter cable will require two hands to cut through it.

S1020SOL-US Compact Wire Strippers

These wire strippers are the compact version fitting great in the hand. It will strip 10-20 AWG Solid and 12-22 AWG Stranded wire. The onboard cutters are sharp and durable hardened steel. The tip of the strippers have a nice tooth pattern for gripping and pulling applications. On these pliers though mine have a small issue with he double dipped handle, the factory glue did not cure properly causing the grip to slide off from time to time. Also I found that the spring does not open the pliers wide enough to reach the smaller gauges. Overall they are a nice compact stripper to have on hand.

DCPA8D – 8″ Angled Diagonal Cutters

The diagonal cutters are one of my favorite tools in the new line up. The angled head allows you to reach in some harder to access areas without getting your hand jammed up. The cutters are rated to cut ACSR, bolts, screws, and nails. The cutting edges are durable and show minimal signs of wear even after snipping hard screws and nails. The handles are designed to provide a higher leverage cut.

SCP9TPCD-US 9″ Linesman Pliers

Undoubtedly the flagship of the USA tool lines, the linesman pliers fail to disappoint. The cutting edges are induction hardened for a multitude of cutting applications. The pliers have multiple features including a fish tape puller, outside reaming edge and crimpers. The best feature of the pliers is the cross tooth pattern allowing the best grip for twisting wires.

Currently the USA made tool line includes two other tools I do not have to test, a larger ergonomic gripped wire stripper and a 9″ terminal crimper. I think this is a great start to their line up of tool but of course we all would like to see this expand, preferably a set of screw drivers baring the USA Made logo. These pliers are available at Lowes for around $30-$40 depending on the model.


These pliers were provided by Southwire for review.



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