Chainsaw won’t start after running out of gas?

You are doing crucial work with your chainsaw. Suddenly it runs out of gas and now not starting again? We know many peoples often face this problem with their chainsaws.

why chainsaws won’t start after running out of gas? Fuel filter blockage and contamination in the fuel tank are the reason behind this problem. Also, the fuel pipe air is responsible for not getting started after running out of gas. Here we discussed the solutions to these problems. 

To get the solutions to your chainsaw problem let’s get into the discussion. After going through this post you will get complete knowledge of this issue. 

Why Does It Commonly Happen?

Modern engines are designed to stand against many severe problems. But sometimes some tiny problems can be crucial and that can make your chainsaw stop working. Running out of gas is one of them. It’s tiny but crucial.

If your chainsaw runs out of gas regularly, keeping that unused is a problem. Running out of gas can harm your chainsaw engine. Even that can make your chainsaw completely stop working.

There is also a similar issue: chainsaw spark and fuel still not starting

Now come to the point. Why does it happen? Here are the three reasons along with the solutions:

This table will help you to be more specific. You will get an idea here of what to do to get out of this problem.

Reason Solution
Fuel filter blockageClean and blow through the filter
Particles at the bottomObserve and remove all the dirt
Get air in the fuel pipeOn and off position priming

For your convenience, here we will discuss 4 reasons in detail with appropriate solutions.

Reason 1: Blockage in the Fuel Filter

If you keep unused your chainsaw after running out of gas, it can stop getting started. Because fuel can not be transferred to the operating part of the engine. That’s why chainsaws can not perform well. 

Sometimes it stops working as well for the fuel transformation issue. For the proper operation of the engine, proper fuel transformation is very compulsory


To apply this solution, first, you need to remove the fuel filter. Then check through it. Observe it nicely and find out if there is any blockage.

Then blow into it. Look if the air is obstructed or not. If air is obstructed in the filter then clean it thoroughly. 

After cleaning the filter properly, try to start your chainsaw again. And you will find it working. 

Reason 2: Particles at the Bottom of the Fuel Tank

After running out of gas your chainsaw fuel tank attracts dirt into it. In this case, particles and debris are deposited at the bottom. That makes the engine stop working

Because the dirt and particles make the barrier in the fuel transformation path. That ultimately stops your chainsaw from working. 


In this case, first, remove all the leftover fuel from the tank. Then take a torch to observe the bottom of the fuel tank. And look if there is any dirt, particle, or sediment at the bottom. If so then clean all the dirt carefully.

Lastly, refuel the tank and try to start the chainsaw again.

Reason 3: Air in the Fuel Pipe

If the chainsaw runs out of gas, air can get into the fuel pipe. If air gets into the fuel pipe, it will hamper the work of the engine.

Getting air into the fuel is a major problem why your chainsaw does not start. The empty tank let the air get into the fuel pipe. So be careful with this issue.


If air gets into the fuel pipe, priming will be able to remove that. To do this, first, fill the fuel tank. Now take the fuel tank to the “off” position. 

Then take it to the “on” position. Do it repeatedly three or four times. It will help to remove the air that got into the pipe.

4 Effective Ways to Prevent Chainsaw Tanks from Getting Dry

Modern engines do not face this type of problem so often. However, you can apply these ways to prevent your chainsaw from running out of gas. You definitely will be benefited, if you follow these ways perfectly.

1. Using Seafoam or Stabil

Use seafoam or Stabil in the fuel tank. It helps the fuel tank from getting dry rapidly. It is a great solution to your problems. 

You can also use ATF for chainsaw bar oil.

2. Observe Your Fuel Tank on a Regular Basis

You must observe your fuel tank regularly. It is a handy way to protect your chainsaw. Actually, not only this problem but also to protect your chainsaw from other severe issues.

3. Keep Away From Dirt 

Chainsaws are mostly used in the dirt or sediment. That also adds to the engine damage. So, you must clean your chainsaw regularly. 

It helps to protect from the problems like not starting when runs out of the 

4. Regular Start for Checking

Do not keep your chainsaw unused for a long time. Just start it regularly for the checking purpose. And do not keep it dry for a longer period. If you want to store it for a time then fuel it at least a little. 

Still did not get the solutions? In this case, you can go for the repair to the experts. If you want to get a new one. We can recommend you the best chainsaws in the market right now.


How long does it take to unflood a chainsaw?

Usually, it takes 20 minutes. Many people want to know if the chainsaw can unflood by itself. The answer is, yes and that generally takes almost 20 minutes to complete. But some of the fuel remains inside the engine for a longer period. 

What should I primarily do if the chainsaw stops working suddenly?

First, clean the carburetor with a carburetor cleaner to unclog it. This kind, of problem, happens because of the blockage and excessive clog in the carburetor. So, it is the primary step to follow if your chainsaw stops working suddenly.

How to start the chainsaw easily?

Pull the pull rope gently a couple of times to check the compression. If you think the compression is ok, then pull it hard and bump. It will make your chainsaw start easy. But before trying this you must check all the components are ok. If you have trouble with the parts. It can make the start harder even if you try the right way. 

Signing Off

Well, it’s time to sign off. Hope these processes we mentioned throughout the discussion will help you. And now you know why your chainsaw won’t start after running out of gas.

Kindly let us know which method you applied among these and how effective the solutions are. You can engage with us by commenting directly on this post. 

You can also let us know if anything important we missed in this post. 

Good Luck!

Jim Boslice

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