Table Saw Blade Not Spinning (3 Reasons + Solutions)

We know the importance of table saw blades. Starting from wood to cutting stainless steel, we use them. However, these may have problems at times.

So, why is my table saw blade not spinning?

The table saw may have spinning issues for 3 main reasons. First, the motor brush may be worn out with time. Secondly, there may be dirt clogged around the blade area. And finally, the table saw may have internal issues which lead to this problem.

So, that is basically a straightforward answer to the reasons. But you got to go along with the solutions to get these fixed!

Why Is My Table Saw Blade Not Spinning?

If your table saw blade not turning, you would be stuck. You can not complete the task that you took for this. So, you need to resolve the spinning issues to get back to it.

Reason 1: Worn Out Motor Brushes

You know that the table saw blade does not spin itself. But it takes the help of the motor to keep on spinning. So, if there is any issue with the motor, the blade would have issues too.

And one of the reasons for this is the worn-out motor brushes. So, why do the motor brushes wear out? Well, this happens due to a couple of reasons.

But the main reason for this is the friction between the brush and the commutator. As a result, there is electrical erosion and the brushes start to wear out.

With time, the motor brushes get completely worn out. And therefore, the table saw blade can not spin properly. 

As time goes by, the blade may even stop spinning completely. And this mainly happens due to a lack of lubrication similar to a chainsaw running out of gas.


If you can understand your motor brushes are worn out, fix them. So, how to fix the worn-out motor brushes? So basically, you may not be able to fix the current brush. So, you need to get that replaced.

But do not forget one thing. You also need to make sure that you oil as per needed. No, it does not have to be a regular or a daily thing.

However, you need to have your motor lubricated whenever it is needed. So, that is how you can fix this motor brush issue.

Now, if you are looking for lubricating, here you go. We tried to get a few ideal ones for you here. Take a look.

Hope this helps!

Remember these blades are long-lasting like the lifetime of miter saw blades

Reason 2: Clogged Dirt Particles

Sometimes, you would not see the blade spin stopping completely. However, the blade may stop suddenly at times and start spinning again.

So, why does the table saw blade have irregular spins? Well, this is because there are dirt particles clogged around the saw blade. Yes, you read that right!

You may think how it is possible but it actually is possible. Because when you are cutting objects with the blade, there is leftover spreading.

That means the objects have their particles turned into dust-like particles. And with time, it can get around the blade under the table. 

So, eventually, the dirt particles start getting clogged as time goes on. And that is when the table saw blade is resisted while it is spinning. So, the blade fails to spin smoothly which results in its irregular spins.


To get this solved, get to the under of the table. You can see a place around the blade under the table. So, there you go to clean the place.

First, you need to turn off the table saw and make sure there is no power. Let it cool down for like 6 to 7 minutes. Because the machine might be a bit tempered at the moment.

Once you let it cool down, take a clean cloth. It can be a bit damp if you want. But make sure it does not touch any electrical stuff.

Now, wipe the places around the blade. See, if you can find any clogs over there. And then you also need to clean the blade after cleaning around.

To clean the blade, you need a brush first. Clean off the entire brush thoroughly taking as much time as needed. You need to clean the wheel with the brush properly.

Because there are dirt clogs at times too. So, once you are done, you need to let it rest again to dry off.

And then you can get started with your table saw blade again.

Reason 3: Internal Issues

An internal issue is something that almost every mechanical device has. So, what are the table saw blade’s internal issues

Well, these are related to the technical and mechanical stuff. Basically, this happens when there are issues that are not in one’s hands. 

So, these happen automatically internally which leaves symptoms as a result. If this happens, you may see your table saw blade stalling. 

You may be lubricating it when needed along with keeping the blade very clean. But the blade may still resist spinning at times. 

And you would even see it stalling and stopping completely at times. Another symptom of this may be a table saw overload trip.

So, these are the symptoms that your table saw blade may be having internal issues.


For these types of issues, you can not do much, to be honest. However, you do not have to e tense about it either. 

Because you can always reach out to an expert for any kind of issue. So, make sure you contact an expert in no time. 

Failing to contact one may deteriorate the condition to an extent. Therefore, do not be late for it.

So, these are the problems that you may have. And the solutions are also given here right away. So, you would not have difficulties solving these. Good luck!


Are the table saw blade issues always related to the blade?

No, the table saw blade issues may not be always related to the blade. You know the blade may have various types of issues. And these are not necessarily due to the blade. Other than the blade, the motor might be one of the vital ones. And there are other things like brushes too.

Do I need to lubricate the blade of my table saw?

Yes, it is better to consider lubricating the blade of the table saw. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing is that you definitely do not lubricate the blade regularly. You may lubricate it just when you feel like it is needed. But mostly, lubrication is not a must.

Do I need to change the blade of my table saw?

Yes, you may need to change the blade of your table saw. It is needed whenever you see that the blade becomes noticeably old. You need to change it as this would not work fine after a time.

The Final Words

Now you know why is your table saw blade not spinning! And you now have all the solutions that you need to take for this.

But one thing to keep in mind. That is, the table saw blade would get old with time. So, if the blade is too old to use, do not consider it for long. Because a very old table saw blade would not work fine.

So, you better get a new one instead!

Jim Boslice

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