Workshop Recommendations

I was browsing through Menards one day and just happened to come across the Aluminum straight edge from Masterforce. Not only is it study but the bottom has a non-slip rubber pad. It is easy to square up and large enough to use as a cutting guide. The measurements are etched in white and stand out very nicely.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 10.02.20 PM.png

It is available in both 36″ and 48″ lengths for $15-$20.

The Southwire automatic wire strippers SA822 are an awesome addition to your tool bag. I don’t always work with wire but when I do these aid in efficiency and clean stripping. You can use these for solid wire from 8-18 gauges or 10-20 stranded wire.

 Get them Amazon and save 10% for a limited time.

Southwire makes some awesome ship augers at a pretty good value, they are durable and hold their edge very well. They have a variety of sizes and ranging up to 1″. Each auger will run you about $15-$20.

 Get yours here

We all need a good set of screw drivers, my favorite by far are the Wera Laser Tip drivers. The laser etching on the tips have the ability to hold fasteners without magnetization. You can even pull an entire tool box by just the driver and the screw. Wera offers a few different options for kits starting around $30.

Visit KC Tools for a wide variety of German hand tools. 

I have two things that I like to use for cord management. The Cable Cuff is nice, its a hard plastic ratchet clamp that has a hook as a handle, I like to use that to clip cards to handles on the tools. The other one I like to use for my extension cords on the wall is the Cable strap from Southwire. It has a 360 degree rotating handle and a flexible rubber strap that can be tightened to whatever you need it too.

Cables cuffs depending on the size start under $1, the largest is just under $4 at Home Depot


The Southwire is a little more of a premium, ranging from 2″-4″ they start around $10 and too off around $15. Find them on Amazon.