Jim Boslice is a mechanical professional and power tool hobbyist. His hobby with power tools inspired him to get his diploma in mechanical engineering from Milwaukee Area Technical College, USA.

Along with professional work, Boslice’s hobby is experimenting with different tools in his lab. He loves to modify tools and wants to share his experience with people. This motivated Boslice to step into reviewing tools and knowledge sharing.

Jim Boslice loves to talk about the tools used in construction, household tasks, gardening, cleaning, etc. The tools include power drilling, cutting, fasteners, sanders, electric saws, trim routers, screwdrivers, and so on.

He has a website and a  youtube channel to share all his experience with power tools.

In this channel, Jim Boslice talks about the power tools, their features, their real-life performance, prices, durability, and so on. All will help you to pick the perfect power tools based on your needs.