Craftsman Chainsaw Carburetor Diagram (2023)

One of the common things that require frequent replacement in your chainsaw is the carburetor. Sometimes you need to replace a part of it, and sometimes the entire carburetor requires changing. 

The Craftsman chainsaw carburetor diagram consists of limiter caps, a carburetor kit, and a diaphragm kit. When looking for a replacement, you will find an entire carburetor kit to replace the existing unit. 

If you want more details on the diagram, make sure to read the entire article. 

Craftsman Chainsaw Carburetor Diagram

The diagram below paints a picture of what a Craftsman carburetor looks like. When you’re replacing the carburetor, you can usually find an entire kit that includes all essential parts. If you are rebuilding your chainsaw carburetor, Sears Parts Direct has an excellent tutorial on it. 

Note that the carburetor diagram can be different depending on the brand and the model. So, when searching for a replacement carburetor kit, make sure to check if it’s a fit for the particular model you have.

Craftsman Chainsaw Carburetor Diagram
Reference Description
1 Limiter Cap-High
2 Limiter Cap-Low
3 Carburetor Repair Kit
4 Gasket/Diaphragm Kit

Signs Of A Dirty Carburetor

The carburetor of your chainsaw can get dirty and require cleaning from time to time. It’s recommended that you clean your carburetor every six months of use. Let’s take a look at some symptoms that may indicate that the carburetor is dirty:

craftsman chainsaw carburetor

  • The engine is overheating. 
  • The fuel is not mixing properly. 
  • Improper fuel ratio. 
  • The engine is dying after running for a short time.
  • Lack of fuel efficiency 
  • Lack of power output
  • A burnt smell coming from the carburetor.
  • Smoke coming out of the carburetor. 

If cleaning the carburetor does not fix the issue you’re experiencing, it can mean that the chainsaw carburetor needs rebuilding. 

Fuel Line Diagram For A Craftsman Chainsaw

The fuel line diagram below will help you replace and reroute the fuel line of your Craftsman chainsaw.

Craftsman Chainsaw Fuel Line Diagram

The fuel line diagram is pretty straightforward to understand. One fuel line connects the fuel tank to the carburetor. This line is responsible for supplying fuel continuously to the carburetor when the chainsaw is running. 

There’s another line that connects the carburetor to the primer bulb. This line sucks any unused fuel back from the carburetor. A return one-way fuel line connects the fuel tank to the primer bulb. The primer bulb returns the unused fuel back to the tank. 

Craftsman Chainsaw Fuel Line Size

Craftsman uses a fuel line measuring 3/32-inch ID x 3/16-inch OD x one foot long. Nonetheless, it’s recommended that you check the required fuel line size for the particular model you own. You can find the model number on your chainsaw and the user manual. 

Faulty Fuel Lines

Fuel lines in a chainsaw usually last a long time. However, with time, the lines can get clogged or can crack. A damaged fuel line will not be able to carry fuel to the required components. As a result, fuel inefficiency will occur. 

The chainsaw will struggle to start and stay running if the fuel lines are damaged. You can check whether the fuel lines are properly working by physically examining them. Carburetor parts and fuel line parts are available online at reasonable prices. 

However, it’s crucial that you check compatibility. Not all spare parts will fit your Craftsman chainsaw. So, check what size fuel line is required for the particular model you have. Match the carburetor components too. 

Some Things To Remember 

  • Check your chainsaw user manual before replacing the carburetor or any other part.
  • When buying a replacement part, make sure that the part matches your specific chainsaw model.
  • If you can’t replace the component by yourself, take the chainsaw to a mechanic.  
  • Check your chainsaw components regularly to make sure that they’re not damaged. 
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to lengthen your chainsaw’s life.
  • Use the proper fuel ratio for your chainsaw. 
  • Clean the internal components frequently to remove carbon buildup and protect the engine from damage. 
  • Never store your chainsaw with fuel in the tank. Drain it before storing the chainsaw. 

Safety Measures

  • Wear gloves when replacing any component of your chainsaw.
  • Choose a well-ventilated area whenever working with your chainsaw. 
  • Keep the chainsaw on top of an even surface to facilitate the procedure. 
  • Seek professional help when you are unsure about the process.
  • Never ignore the safety warnings from the manufacturers. 
  • Go through the user manual after buying a new chainsaw. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you adjust the carburetor on a Craftsman chainsaw?

You can adjust the carburetor of your Craftsman chainsaw by using three screws labeled L, H, and T. These screws stand for low-speed adjustment, high-speed adjustment, and idle adjustment screws, respectively. You can find more about the process in my article on craftsman chainsaw carburetor adjustment.

Why will my Craftsman chainsaw not stay running?

A clogged carburetor might be the culprit behind this issue. After using your chainsaw for some time, gum deposits can cause the carburetor to get clogged. You either have to clean the carburetor or replace it with a new one. 

Why are there two fuel lines on a chainsaw?

Most chainsaws have two different fuel lines. One of them connects to the carburetor for delivering fuel. The other one returns unused fuel to the gas tank. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this Craftsman chainsaw carburetor diagram helps you understand how the component works and what to look for in replacement parts.

It’s important to make sure that the carburetor kit fits your chainsaw. Check the user manual, determine the model, and then search for a carburetor kit that fits that model.

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