6 Most Common Echo CS 400 Chainsaw Problems

Part of being a chainsaw owner means familiarizing yourself with the problems of your chainsaw and learning how to troubleshoot them.

Luckily, Echo CS 400 chainsaw problems are not unlike most chainsaws. So you can easily resolve the issues without breaking a sweat. 

The most common problems that occur with an Echo CS 400 chainsaw are difficulty starting, engine stalling or running rough, the chain not running or not stopping, and the chainsaw not cutting at all. 

Luckily, these issues are pretty easily fixed. Let’s take a look at how.

Echo CS 400 Chainsaw
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Echo Cs 400 Chainsaw Problems Chart

The table below summarizes the problems, reasons, and how to fix the issue. 

Problem Cause Solution
Chainsaw won’t start Defective spark plug

Restricted carburetor

Clogged fuel filter

Broken recoil spring

Malfunctioning recoil starter

Replace the spark plug.

Clean or replace the carburetor.

Change the fuel filter.

Replace the recoil spring.

Chainsaw starts and then stalls Restricted carburetor

Clogged spark arrestor

Dirty air filter

Clogged fuel filter

Clean or replace the arrestor.

Clean or replace the carburetor.

Replace the fuel filter.

Replace the air filter.

Chainsaw runs rough Restricted carburetor

Clogged fuel filter

Dirty air filter

Defective spark plug

Clogged spark arrestor

Clean or replace the carburetor.

Replace the fuel filter.

Replace the air filter.

Replace the spark plug.

Clean or replace the arrestor.

Chain not turning Improperly adjusted chain

Broken or worn-out clutch

Correct chain adjustment.

Replace the clutch.

Chain won’t stop turning Broken or worn-out clutch  Replace the clutch.
Chainsaw not cutting Dull chain

Improperly adjusted chain

Damaged chain bar

Worn clutch

Sharpen or replace the chain.

Correct chain adjustment.

Replace the chain bar.

Replace the clutch.

Echo CS 400 Chainsaw Problems And Solutions

Diagnosing the issue is the first step to solving it. When you first encounter a problem with your chainsaw, look for the reasons and then fix it at the root. Now, let’s go through the issues and the fixes in detail: 

Problem 1: Chainsaw Won’t Start

One of the common issues that Echo chainsaw users struggle with is when the chainsaw won’t start. There can be several reasons behind this issue. So, you have to explore all possible sources to pinpoint what’s causing it. 

Carbon buildup can make the spark plug defective. The same goes for the carburetor and the fuel filter. If these components are damaged because of gum deposits, the chainsaw will struggle to turn on.

Another common reason to cause this issue is a broken or worn-out recoil spring. 


Check the mentioned component and see which one is damaged. Replace the damaged component and notice the difference. Sometimes, when the carburetor is damaged, cleaning it might be the solution you need instead of replacing it. 

Problem 2: Chainsaw Starts Then Stalls

If your chainsaw starts and then stalls after some time, there can be four reasons behind it. The spark arrestor can get clogged over time, the carburetor can have buildup, the fuel filter might be clogged, or the air filter might be dirty. 


Clean the spark arrestor and the carburetor when required. If cleaning doesn’t fix the issue, replace the components. As for the air filter and the fuel filter, it’s recommended to replace them annually. 

Problem 3: Chainsaw Runs Rough

If you notice your chainsaw running rough, there can be a few culprits at fault. First of all, you should check the carburetor. A clogged-up carburetor is a primary reason for chainsaw running rough.

Moreover, it can also be caused by a clogged fuel filter, a dirty air filter, and a defective spark plug. Don’t forget to check the spark arrestor too. 


Check the carburetor, spark arrestor, air filter, and fuel filter. Clean them and see if the problem still exists. If it does, replace the clogged-up elements. Take a look at the spark plug to see if it’s still functional. Replace it if not. 

Problem 4: Chain Not Turning

Unlike most issues, the chain not turning is not caused by the internal components I’ve already discussed. Instead, it’s either caused by improper adjustment of the chain or a broken clutch.

If the chain is too tightly attached to the bar, it won’t turn. If it’s too loose, it won’t turn either. 

According to Repair Clinic, the clutch is also responsible for causing this issue. So, if it’s worn out or broken, your chainsaw chain may not turn. 


Locate the chain adjustment screws and use the proper tool to tighten or loosen them according to necessity. If the clutch is broken or worn out, replace it with a new one. 

Problem 5: Chain Won’t Stop Turning

 If the clutch is damaged, broken, or worn out, it won’t engage properly and the chain may not stop spinning.

When you stop the chainsaw, the clutch is responsible for stopping the chain. So, this particular issue can only indicate that the clutch is at fault. 


Replace the clutch with a new one. Make sure that the part you’re replacing it with matches your Echo CS 400 chainsaw. 

Problem 6: Chainsaw Not Cutting

After using the chainsaw for quite some time, you may notice that it’s not cutting wood like before. Sometimes, it may not cut at all. The most common reason behind this is a dull chain.

However, the issue can also be caused by an improperly adjusted chain, a damaged bar, or a worn-out clutch. 


You can sharpen your chainsaw chain. But sometimes, the chain might be too dull to sharpen and require replacing. If dullness isn’t the issue, adjust the chain properly to the bar.

Check if the bar is damaged and replace it with a new one. Also, replace the clutch if it’s at fault. 

Replacement Recommendations

You need to check the chainsaw diagram for determining what parts need replacements. Once you determine the faulty part, search for replacement parts that’ll match your chainsaw. Here are some recommendations for you: 

Product Features
Echo Chainsaw Chain Genuine OEM Echo part.

Diverse compatibility & Durable.

Hipa Air Filter with Primer Bulb Includes air filter, fuel filter, primer bulb, and spark plug.

3-month warranty & Reasonable price.

Echo Shindaiwa Starter Assembly Genuine OEM Echo Part.

Easy installation & Fit for Echo CS 400.


How often should I replace the fuel filter on my chainsaw?

Experts recommend that you change the fuel filter every year. However, depending on how frequently you use the chainsaw, the fuel filter can get clogged earlier than that and require replacement. So, if the chainsaw is having any issues, check if the fuel filter needs replacing. 

How do I know if the spark plug is bad?

The spark plug ensures a smooth start for your chainsaw. So, if your chainsaw struggles to start, it could mean that the spark plug has gone bad. Examining the spark plug for visible damage will give you a better idea. 

How do I know what replacement parts I need?

Check your chainsaw model and the user manual. Search by the model number and see what specification is required for a particular component and then get one that matches your chainsaw. If you’re unsure, contact the manufacturer of your chainsaw. 

Wrap Up

Chainsaw parts have limitations, and they deteriorate over time which can cause the chainsaw to have problems.

Luckily, Echo CS 500 chainsaw problems aren’t difficult to diagnose. Moreover, the parts that cause the issues are pretty easy to replace.

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