How to Cut Stainless Steel Rod? (Let’s Figure Out)

In the manufacturing industry, stainless steel is a widely used raw material.

Owing to the durability, corrosion resistance, and strength of the material. It makes cutting stainless steel very difficult.

For some people, stainless steel cutting is quite challenging. However, you might not have a sufficient prior understanding of the techniques and tools needed for cutting.

So, then how to cut stainless steel rod?

Bolt cutters and hand hacksaws are both suitable tools for cutting thin rods. Band saws, angle grinders, and chop saws are used for cutting thick stainless steel rods. There’ve various ways to cut. Further factors like cost and space really matter. Find the one that you’re comfortable working with. 

But it can be done smoothly if you get the proper knowledge and instructions. And we will help you with the option that you are looking for. So, read the whole article. 

Is It Hard to Cut Stainless Steel? 

Compared to other metals, stainless steel is more difficult to cut through. Naturally, you’ll need a sturdy blade for your saw, such as a diamond saw blade. 

But if you are planning something thinner, you can use hand tools to do it.

But still, cutting can be a little bit challenging for you. Making use of a few strategies and tips will make your laborious work much simpler.

What Tool to Cut Stainless Steel (4 Types Explained)

Cutting stainless steel can be great hard work for you. Until you select the right tool for you. It will totally depend on your cutting.

For thin cutting, you will get many hand tools. For thicker or multiple cutting at a time, it will require something heavy. 

So, first of all, find an appropriate tool for you. That meets all your goals while cutting the rods.

Additionally, you must have a thorough understanding of the many types of blades. Such as the differences between type 1 and 27 wheels.

You might find the following tools to be useful. And that will save your energy and time both to cut stainless steel rods.

1. Chop Saw

Chop saws can cut non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, decking, and molding. Use a chop saw if you want to cut multiple sizes of rods at once. 

It works well enough for bulk cutting. Using a metal cutoff saw with a toothed blade may be a wise choice.

By arranging to tape multiple rods together and cut them all at once.

But now you have to watch the blade of the tool very carefully. The saw blade is most within your control. While it is stationary or moving at maximum speed.

Anything caught in it could be deadly due to how speedily it is moving.

2. Band Saw

With a band saw, you can quickly cut a 3/8″ threaded rod. Simply tightly tape 10 rods together at the dimensions where you wanted the cuts. And then make the cuts.

Sometimes people get confused between 10 and 14 bandsaws. A 12′′–14′′ bandsaw is the optimum size for a hobbyist.

It is recommended to get a 14-inch band saw. Because it has more power in a smaller package. 

To create 10″ pieces, tape the rods together at 10″ and then snip the tape in the middle. For better results, do use a diamond wheel blade or LENOX TRI-TECH CT carbide band saw blades. 

3. Angle-Grinder

A handheld power tool like an angle grinder. It is suitable for a range of metal fabrication jobs. It can cut through anything, which is, of course, the easiest. 

This tool has many uses, including cutting, shaping, and sanding. Use an angle grinder to prevent damaging your saw blades when cutting into hardened steel. 

4. Hacksaw 

We assume you’re curious about how a hacksaw works or how to use it. Let us help you. A very useful addition to every workshop is a hacksaw as a hand tool. 

Hacksaws simply use a regular “sawing” action to pass the blade through the metal backward and forwards.

You can use it to cut one rod at a time if you want to. Stainless steel is difficult to cut with traditional tools, a hacksaw is a great option. 

Hacksaws come in a wide range of sizes and cutting capacities. Ranging from small hand models for fine work to large bench-top models for heavy use. Most hacksaws are designed for speed and accuracy.

Are you searching for the best blade to cut stainless steel? You can use these products. 

What’s the Best Way to Cut Stainless Steel?

For cutting, you need to follow some steps and proper tools to make it done. Thankfully, there have been multiple techniques for cutting stainless steel. 

Depending on how thick your steel is, you’ll need different equipment to cut stainless steel. Stainless steel comes in a variety of forms and shapes.

We’ll walk you through the process of cutting the stainless steel rods. So, without any more delay, let’s jump into the step-by-step method.   

Step 1: Make Your Workspace Ready

First thing first, get your workplace ready. Depending on your workplace, cutting the stainless steel rod surely makes a difference. You will require sturdy sawhorses or a flat surface like a workbench. 

You need open space if you wish to cut using a hacksaw, chop saw, or angle grinder. Otherwise, you can go outside and work. 

Whether you are working indoors or outside, check the surroundings for anything flammable. Because it can be hazardous sometimes. 

Step 2: Take the Measurements

Before cutting the rods, take the proper measurements. We are sure that you would want to avoid any mistakes. Because it could result in incorrect sizes.

Grab some masking tape and use it to accurately mark the cutting measurements. Or you can use a marker to take the measurement. Making the cut exact and accurate, this step will make it easier.

Step 3: Cut the Stainless Steel Rod

Now your workspace is ready. You have taken the measurements as well. So from here, you are ready to cut the rod. The next step is selecting the tool you need to use. 

Take the appropriate cutting tool that goes well and makes the work way easier for you.

Depending on the stainless steel, you will need a specific tool for a specific size. Otherwise, you will face issues like problems with the bandsaw motor.

Step 4: Clean the Cutted Edges 

Whatever tool you choose to cut into your chosen sizes will have uneven edges. To give your metal a precise finishing around the cut edges. Use a metal file. 


How to Cut Stainless Steel Without Discoloration?

Cutting stainless steel using a circular saw without leaving burn scars. It has a portable circular blade saw.

Make sure the blade and stainless steel sheet thickness are compatible. Diamond saw blades are preferred because they are the strongest circular blades available.

What Is the Best Method to Cut Stainless Steel?

To cut stainless steel, you need a circular saw with a diamond saw blade. Avoid using an alternative saw blade. Since it could not have the strength to cut through stainless steel.

As soon as your circular saw is ready to use. Secure the stainless steel sheet by clamping it to a work surface.

What Should I Look for in a Band Saw?

The two most important things to consider are the length of the cut and the throat. The saw’s cut depth is based on the distance between the table and the upper blade guides.

Usually, band saws are advertised to know the potential customer. As well as how thick of a stock the band saw can cut.

Wrapping Up

So, the way of cutting stainless steel makes the hard work easier. Hopefully, you get enough information regarding how to cut stainless steel rod

Before using any type of tool, make sure your rods are thick. And into how many pieces you want to cut.

Don’t forget to take proper precautions while doing the cuts. 

Till then stay safe.

Jim Boslice

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