Poulan Chainsaw Parts Diagrams (360 Replacements Guide)

If you are a proud owner of a Poulan chainsaw, knowing about components that require replacements can be helpful. The Poulan chainsaw parts diagram can help you identify the components when you’re looking for replacement options. 

Much like any other chainsaw, Poulan chainsaws come with some common components that include the chain, fuel filters, fuel lines, spark plugs, air filters, carburetor, primer bulb, etc. However, when you look for a replacement component for a particular model, you may have to be more specific about the part you are using. 

Let’s dive into it. 

Parts Of A Poulan Chainsaw

As I have mentioned, all chainsaws have some common component. Familiarizing yourself with these components will certainly help when you are looking for replacement parts. 


The chain of a Poulan chainsaw might require replacement. Over time, it can get dull. When you replace the chain with a new one, make sure to get all the measurements right.

You can find the chain measurement suitable for your particular model in the user manual. 

Fuel Filters

Over time, fuel filters tend to get lose their ability to remove dirt. So, make sure to check them regularly and replace them when required. The rule of thumb is to replace the fuel filters once a year. 

Fuel Lines

A faulty fuel line is one of the reasons that cause damage to the engine. So, look out for damaged fuel lines to prevent air from getting into the engine. 

Spark Plugs

If you are having difficulty starting the chainsaw, it may be because of a faulty spark plug. Inspect the spark plug to check whether it needs replacing or not. If you don’t know the correct replacement option, check my article on spark plug for Poulan chainsaw.

Air Filters

Air filters prevent any dirt from going inside the engine. They also protect the carburetor from buildups. So, it’s one of those components that requires frequent checks and annual replacement. 


The carburetor plays an important role in making the chainsaw efficiently functional. Over time, the carburetor can have buildups, causing it not to work properly. So, make sure to check it from time to time and replace it when necessary. 

Primer Bulb

A faulty primer bulb can prevent the engine from starting with ease. The function of a primer bulb is to push fuel to the carburetor. So, it’s essential to replace the primer bulb if it’s damaged. 

Poulan Chainsaw Replacement Parts

If you are searching for replacement parts for your Poulan chainsaw, here are some recommendations for you to look at. 

Product  Features
Hipa Air Filter Kit Complete air filter kit.

Affordable & 3-month warranty.

Carburetor for Poulan Pro Includes carburetor, gaskets, primer bulb, primer line, air filter, fuel filter, fuel lines, and spark plug.

Diverse compatibility & Easy to install.

Poulan Chainsaw Parts Diagram

For a better understanding, I’ve explained the different parts diagram of a Poulan 3000 chainsaw. This will give you an idea about the parts that may need replacing. 

Carburetor HAD-49 Parts Diagram

Carburetor HAD-49 Parts Diagram
Source: Partstree.com
Reference Description
147 Screw
148 Fuel Pump Gasket
149 Fuel Pump Diaphragm
150 Inlet Screen
151 Throttle Spring
152 Choke Shaft & Lever Ass’y
153 Inlet Needle Valve
154 Screw
155 Pin
156 Metering Lever
157 Spring
158 Screw
159 Metering Diaphragm
160 Metering Diaphragm
161 Retaining Ring
162 Check Valve Screen
163 Ball
164 Spring
165 Needle Adjusting Spring
166 High-Speed Needle
167 Idle Needle
168 Idle Adjust Spring

External Power Unit Parts Diagram

External Power Unit Parts Diagram
Source: Partstree.com
Reference Description
53 Retainer Mount
54 Screw
55 Chain Catcher Retainer
56 Bumper-Carb. Cover
57 Lower Isolator
58 Assy-Fuel Tank
59 Cylindrical Mount
60 Isolator Limiter
61 Screw
62 Chain Catcher
63 “C” Clip
64 Fuel Cap Ass’y
65 Handguard
66 Bracket
67 Screw 
68 Button
69 Throttle Lock Spring
70 Screw 
71 Screw
72 Kit-Cylinder Shield
73 Carburetor Cover
74 Screw
75 Trigger Latch Spring
76 Throttle Trigger
77 Grommet
78 Bracket
79 Gasket Set
80 Carburetor (HDA-49)
81 Air Filter Plate
82 Carb. Mounting Stud
83 Assy-Air Filter 
84 Throttle Lockout
85 Rear Handle Cover
86 Throttle Wire
87 Choke Knob
88 Anti-Vibration Element
89 Nut 
90 Dowel Pin
91 Screw
92 Fuel Line Kit
93 Fuel Filter Ass’y
94 Grommet
95 Switch Kit
96 Lead Wire Ass’y
97 Screw
98 Screw Retainer
99 Washer
100 Vent Fitting
101 Check Valve
102 Hex Key
103 Plug
104 Plug-Air Box
105 Clamp
173 Reflector
174 Carb. Cover Winter Kit
175 Bracket
176 Screw
177 Screw
178 Washer
179 Impulse Fitting
180 Isolator Ass’y Kit
181 Isolator Repair Kit
182 Av Strap
183 Strap Retainer Plate

Internal Power Unit Parts Diagram

Internal Power Unit Parts Diagram
Source: Partstree.com
Reference Description
1 Flywheel
2 Nut
3 Wave Washer
4 Retainer
5 Starter Pulley
6 Starter Spring
Baffle Plate
8 Fan Housing
9 Screw
10 Washer
11 Screw
12 Starter Cam
13 Starter Dog
14 Screw
15 Starter Handle
16 Rope Kit
17 Bolt
18 Snap Ring
19 Clip
20 Oil Cap Ass’y
21 Screw
22 Ignition Module
23 Gasket Set
24 Screw
25 Clamp
26 Crankshaft Bearing
27 Flywheel Key
28 Crankshaft/Rod Ass’y
29 Piston Pin Bearing
30 Piston
31 Screw
32 Spur
33 Crankshaft Seal
34 Crankcase Ass’y
35 Screw
36 Washer
37 Muffler Cover
38 Spark Arrestor Screen
39 Muffler Diffuser
40 Muffler Baffle Plate
41 Muffler Body
42 Cylinder
43 Spark Plug
44 Sealant
45 Decal Kit
46 Retainer
47 Screw
49 Carburetor Adaptor
50 Piston Ring
51 Screw
52 Clamp Ass’y

Power Unit Parts Diagram

Power Unit Parts Diagram
Source: Partstree.com
Reference Description 
106 Worm Gear
107 Seal
108 Gasket Set
109 Dust Plug
110 Plunger
111 Spring
112 Oil Pump Kit
114 Screw
115 Oil Pickup & Filter
116 Oiler Intake Line
117 Rim Sprocket
118 Bearing
119 Drum
120 Clutch Plate
121 Clutch Ass’y
122 Oiler Gear Spur
123 “O” Ring
124 Handlebar Ass’y
125 Bar Adjusting Pin
126 “E” Ring
127 Screw
128 Bar Stud
129 Vent Pin
130 Chain
131 Replaceable Sprocket Nose
132 Bar Clamp Ass’y
133 Nut
134 Scrench
135 Grip
136 Screw
137 Oiler Discharge Line
138 Oiler Discharge Sleeve
139 Tubing Nut
140 Oiler Adjustment Pin
141 Chain Pad – Top
142 Chain Pad
143 Thrust Washer
144 Chain Repair Kit
145 Bar
146 Crankcase Plug
172 Handguard
173 Screw
174 Handguard Cap

Poulan Chainsaw Parts Lookup

If you are searching for a particular component of a Poulan chainsaw, there are several websites that come with an easy lookup system.

For instance, Partstree.com is an excellent option where you can find a specific part of a specific model and get it from there. It makes the process easier and allows the user to match the suitable part for any chainsaw. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a Poulan chainsaw user manual?

If you don’t have the user manual of your chainsaw, you can download the soft copy. Poulan’s website has all their products’ owner manuals. 

Where can I find the model number of my chainsaw?

Apart from the user manual, the model number should also be written on the chainsaw casing. The label can be on the back of the chainsaw, on the side, or at the bottom of the chainsaw cover. 

Will a Stihl chain fit a Poulan saw?

As long as the chain specifications are similar, any chain from any brand will fit another brand’s chainsaw. So yes, a Stihl chain will fit a Poulan saw if the specs match. 

Wrap Up

The Poulan chainsaw parts diagram lets you get an idea about the components of your chainsaw. Nonetheless, when you are searching for parts of a precise model, you will have to dig deep.

Search your chainsaw model number to see where you can get a spare part. Note that some common components are universal and may fit all chainsaws.

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