Spark Plug For Poulan Chainsaw (360 Guidelines)

The spark plug is a crucial part of making sure that your chainsaw starts without any issues. It’s also one of the common components that require replacement. That’s when you need to know what spark for Poulan chainsaw to use. 

All Poulan chainsaws currently use Champion RCJ7Y or Torch R7 interchangeably. The spark plug gap is 0.25 inches for Poulan saws. You can easily find replacement spark plugs for your Poulan chainsaw. 

If you want to know more about your Poulan chainsaw’s spark plug, make sure to read the whole article. 

Poulan Chainsaw Spark Plug Size

All chainsaws from Poulan have the same spark plug gap measurement- 0.25 inch. As for the model, you can either use a Champion RCJ7Y spark plug or a Torch R7 spark plug. However, it’s better to be certain about the component you’re using. 

So, always refer to the user manual to see what spark plug is compatible with that particular model. You can also check my article on Spark Plug For Husqvarna Chainsaw if you have a chainsaw from this brand.

Poulan Chainsaw Spark Plug
Chainsaw Brand Spark Plug Gap Champion Spark Plug Model Torch Spark Plug Model
Poulan 0.25 RCJ7Y R7

Spark Plug Replacement For Poulan Chainsaw

Because Poulan chainsaw only uses certain spark plug models, it’s convenient to find them. You can easily find replacement spark plugs online by searching the model. Here are some recommendations for you: 

Product Features
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Champion 4 Pack RCJ7Y Spark Plug Copper core.

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Signs Of A Faulty Spark Plug

When you find out a faulty component before it’s too late, you can prevent engine damage. The spark plug is responsible for igniting the fuel. So, there are certain signs that you can use to determine whether the spark plug is at fault or not. 

  • Your chainsaw struggles to turn on. 
  • The engine stalls shortly after turning on. 
  • Visible damage to the spark plugs itself. 
  • Misfire of the engine. 

How To Check The Spark Plug

Experts suggest that you should replace the spark plug after operating the chainsaw for 100 hours. However, the spark plug may last longer than that or get damaged before this period. So, it’s always a good idea to give the component a check every now and then. 

Before replacing your spark plug, you should check whether the spark plug is faulty or good. Checking the spark plug functionality is an easy process. First, remove the cover and locate the spark plug. Then, remove the spark plug boot, exposing the spark plug. 

Use a socket wrench to ensure removing the spark plug. Connect the spark plug to the boot. Make sure that it’s connected to the end of the boot. Now, hold the boot and place the spark plug on top of the metal surface near the cylinder. 

Use your other hand to pull the pull cord. If the spark plug is functional, you will see it making a spark when you pull the cord. Avoid doing this in a well-lit area because the spark can be difficult to see. Dim the lights and look for the spark again. 

Make sure that you’re not touching the sparking area and the metal surface at the same time. It’ll cause your body to work as a conductor and cause shock. Alternative to this method, you can also use a spark plug test light. 

If your spark plug is working fine, it may not be the part that’s causing your chainsaw to perform inefficiently. 

How To Replace A Spark Plug On Poulan Chainsaw

Luckily, replacing the spark plug of a chainsaw isn’t difficult at all. You can do it all by yourself without any help. So, let’s get started with the procedure:

  • First of all, you will have to remove the cover of your chainsaw. There can be multiple screws that secure the cover in place. Remove them, and then remove the cover from the chainsaw. 
  • Locate the spark plug boot. It’s the part that covers the spark plug. If you can’t locate the spark plug, you can always check the user manual for its exact location.
  • Pull the spark plug boot to expose the spark plug. 
  • Use a socket wrench to loosen the spark plug and then remove it from the cylinder. 
  • Take the new spark plug and place it in the cylinder.
  • Use the wrench again to tighten the spark plug in place. 
  • Push the spark plug boot to secure it in place. 
  • Place the cover on top and secure it with the screws.  

You can also check out this video from Fix Tech Guides if you are looking for a visual demonstration of the process:

Safety Measures

  • Always use earmuffs when you are using your chainsaw. 
  • Make sure not to shock yourself while dealing with the spark plug. If you are not confident about checking the spark, use a safer option, like a tester. 
  • Avoid using a spark plug that doesn’t match your chainsaw model. 
  • Do not continue using your chainsaw with a damaged spark plug. 
  • If you can’t check or replace the spark plug yourself, take the chainsaw to a mechanic. 
  • Never ignore the user manual when dealing with your chainsaw. Every chainsaw is unique and comes with a unique set of instructions for that particular model. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size spark plug I need?

When determining the spark plug size, it’s essential to know the spark plug gap. It can be different for different models. The best way to know what size is required for a particular model is to check the user manual. 

How do I know if my chainsaw spark plug is bad?

There are a few symptoms that can mean that your spark plug has gone. For instance, the engine may struggle to start or require multiple attempts. The chainsaw may run rough or misfire when the spark plug isn’t working properly. 

What is the spark plug gap for a Poulan chainsaw?

Different chainsaw brands require their spark plug gap to be different. For Poulan chainsaws, the required gap is 0.25 inches. If your spark plug gap is more or less than the requirement, you can adjust it using the right tool. 

Wrap Up

Even the smallest component can make a big difference in chainsaws. That’s why it’s important to match the proper part when looking for a spark plug for Poulan chainsaw.

There’s no reason why you should struggle to operate your chainsaw for such an inexpensive and easy-to-replace component.

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