Stihl Chainsaw Parts Diagram (Mastering Stihl Chainsaw)

Every chainsaw is unique in some way. Especially when you’re separating the smallest component possible, the internal structure may not look the way you imagined.

Even when you are looking at components from the same brand, there can be significant differences between them. 

The Stihl chainsaw parts diagram includes a lot of components, namely the air filter, bar guard, bar nut, spring clip, clutch assembly, fuel line, worm gear, sprocket bearing, fuel filter, starter handle, etc. These are the most commonly replaced component, which can vary depending on the model you have. 

Parts Of A Stihl Chainsaw

The basic components of a chainsaw are similar for all brands and models. Those components are what make a tool chainsaw. For instance, there will be an engine, a handle, hand guards, fuel tank, air filter, bar, chain, etc. 

1. Chain

The most important part of a chainsaw is the chain itself. It stays wrapped around the bar, which makes the chainsaw a functional tool. If your existing chain is damaged, you can consider the following replacement parts: 

Chain Features
Anzac 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain Replacement Resists wear.

Improves performance.

Compatible with Stihl.

ATMTV R55 Chainsaw Chain Anti-fracture material.

Stronger rivet connections.

Orthogonal cutter.

2. Bar

The bar is a piece of metal that supports the chain. It provides stability and helps the chain cut through materials. 

3. Hand Guard

The hand guard works as a barrier and prevents your hand from slipping into the chain. There can be multiple hand guards depending on the model you have. 

4. Muffler

Much like any other noisy tool, the chainsaw comes with a muffler too. It ensures that the noise is reduced. 

5. Chain Brake

The chain brake is for quickly stopping the chainsaw. It’s easily accessible, and the chain stops spinning when the brake is used. 

6. Engine

The engine of your chainsaw receives the fuel and makes the chainsaw run. 

7. Air Filter

Air filter is in charge of stopping unnecessary debris from getting inside the chainsaw. 

8. Fuel Tank

The fuel tank stores the gas and delivers it to the engine when the chainsaw starts running. 

9. Trigger And Throttle

Both of them are for turning the chainsaw on. Because the power tool is dangerous to use, two different options are required to turn the machine on. It reduces the chance of accidentally turning on the chainsaw. 

10. Lubricant Tank

The lubricant tank stores the oil required for the chainsaw. It can facilitate running the chain and the bar. 

11. Carburetor

A chainsaw carburetor plays an important role in running the chainsaw smoothly. It ensures a proper mixture of fuel and air, depending on how you’re operating the chainsaw. 

Stihl Chainsaw Parts Diagram

When you differentiate chainsaw models at a meticulous level, the parts are not identical anymore. Even two really close models can have different parts which are not interchangeable.

For instance, the diagram below refers to the parts of the Stihl 017 and MS 170 models. Not all models include the same components.

Stihl Chainsaw Parts

The following table refers to the parts mentioned in the picture above. 

Reference Part
1 Air Filter
2, 3, 4 Silver Streak Chain Loop Semi-Chisel
5 Cylinder Assembly
6 Bar Guard
7, 8, 9 Silver Streak Mini Lam. Sprocket Nose Bar
10  Bar Nut
11 Spring Clip
12 Starter Pawl
13 Spark Plug Boot
14 Clutch Assembly
15 Torsion Spring
16 Switch Shaft
17 Worm Gear
18 Sprocket Bearing
19, 20 Silver Streak Pro Spur Sprocket
21 T-Wrench
22 Torx T-Wrench
23 T27 Power Bit 6″
24 T27 Power Bit 3 1/2″
25 Gray Silicone RTV Oxime Gasket Maker
26 Fuel Cap
27, 28, 29, 31 Fuel Filter 
30, 32 Fuel Filter Shop Pack
33 Bosch Spark Plug
34 Champion Spark Plug
35 NGK Spark Plug
36 NGK Spark Plug Shop Pack
37 Starter Handle
38 Starter Spring

To demonstrate how different the two models can be, let’s go through another diagram of a different Stihl chainsaw model.

The image below refers to STIHL 066 and MS 660 chainsaw parts.

Stihl Chainsaw components

The table below refers to the part names of the image above. 

Reference Part
1 Air Filter Combo
2 Carburetor
3, 4, 5 Silver Streak Chain Loop Semi-Chisel
6, 7 Silver Streak Chain Loop Chisel
8 Cylinder Assembly
9 Bar Guard
10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Silver Streak Replaceable Spr. Nose Bar
15 Bar Nut
16 Decompression Valve
17 Spark Plug Boot
18 Screw
19 Sprocket Cover
20 Bumper Strip
21, 24, 31, 37 Annular Buffer Mount
22 Chain Adjuster
23 Worm Gear
25 Torsion Spring
26 Intake Manifold
27 Trigger Interlock
28 Needle Bearing
29 Clutch Assembly
30 Handlebar
32 Solid State Module
33, 34, 35 Oil Seal
36 Oil Pump
38 Silver Streak Rim Sprocket
39 Silver Streak Center Drive Sprocket
40 T-Wrench
41 Torx T-Wrench
42 T27 power Bit 6”
43 T27 Power Bit 3 1/2″
44, 45 Fuel Cap
46 Fuel Filter
47 Fuel Filter Shop Pack
48 Muffler Gasket
49 Base Gasket
50 Gasket Set
51 Fuel Line
52 Bosch Spark Plug
53 NGK Spark Plug
54 Champion Spark Plug
55 NGK Spark Plug Shop Pack
56 Recoil Starter Assembly
57 Starter Handle
58 Starter Spring
59 Carburetor Needle Valve

You can also check my article on Husqvarna chainsaw parts diagram if you are interested. 

Stihl Parts Lookup

Searching for a replacement part for your chainsaw is not always easy. It helps when you know the part numbers and can match them with the component you’re buying.

Power Mower Sales has information on a wide variety of chainsaw models from Stihl and other brands. You can easily use this website to look up a particular part and buy it. 

Note that the suitable replacement part is not only essential for keeping the chainsaw running. It’s also responsible for keeping up with the brand’s integrity.

When using a chainsaw from Stihl, the components you replace must be high-quality enough to match the chainsaw. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a throttle do in a chainsaw?

The throttle is a safety feature that prevents the chainsaw from running accidentally. Even If you press the trigger, the chainsaw will not run unless the throttle is in action. 

What does MS stand for on Stihl chainsaws?

Stihl uses different acronyms for identifying their chainsaws. The MS in their models stands for the German word Motorsäge, which translates to a chainsaw. If the model refers to MSE, it indicates that the model is an electric one. Similarly, MSA refers to battery-powered models. 

What is H on a chainsaw?

You will find three adjustment screws on your chainsaw, namely, L, H, and I. L refers to low-speed jet, H refers to high-speed jet, and I refers to Idle jet. 

Wrap Up

Replacing parts on your chainsaw is not always as simple as it sounds. The good news is you can’t get it wrong when you get the component references right.

So, before replacing any part on your Stihl chainsaw, make sure to look up the Stihl chainsaw parts diagram and cross-match the component.

It’s not only important for fixing your chainsaw but also for lengthening its lifespan.

Jim Boslice

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