What Is Hot Cold Delay on Dewalt Charger? (Explained)

Along with providing power tools, DeWalt is well known for dispensing batteries. However, owners of these batteries have been wondering about a particular function in them.

More specifically, they have been questioned regarding the hot-cold latency on their DeWalt charger.

So, what is hot cold delay on Dewalt charger?

The charger begins hot cold delay when it notices a battery that is too hot or cold. It stops charging until the battery reaches the proper temperature. The pack charging mode is then automatically selected by the charger. Maximum battery longevity is guaranteed with this feature.

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What Is Hot Cold Delay on Dewalt Charger?

It is basically a crucial component of DeWalt charges. This feature serves to alert the user when the battery is too hot or too cold.

When it is too hot or cold to charge your batteries, you will notice the light. It merely serves as an indicator light to help you understand that you need to wait.

Just wait for your batteries to warm up or cool down before charging them.

As soon as you see the alert, it is highly suggested that you check the batteries. The temperature of your batteries can be checked. Based on their temperature, you can let them warm up or cool down after that.

Your continued receipt of this notice may be due to an ongoing battery problem. The battery should start charging as soon as it cools or warms up, according to normal operation.

What Does Hot and Cold Delay Mean?

The Hot Cold Delay feature guarantees that the battery receives the proper amount of power. It also improves battery life by preventing overcharging. This delay is normally set at 10 minutes

However, you can increase it to a maximum of 24 hours. If you need to keep the battery plugged in for more than that.

DeWalt created the Hot Cold Delay to shield its batteries from damage brought on by severe temperatures. A battery emits thermal energy as it charges.

In order to avoid overheating, the charger detects this power and will stop charging automatically. Once it reaches the ideal temperature. Overheating might cause damage or even a fire.

If the temperature is too low, the charger won’t be able to recognize the heat escape. It will keep charging until the temperature rises dangerously high. 

Due to this, some DeWalt chargers incorporate a security mechanism known as Hot Cold Delay. It turns them off before that point has been reached.

This guarantees that your batteries are fully charged wherever you happen to be using them.

What If Your Battery Doesn’t Charge at All?

Your batteries may occasionally fail to charge at all even after waiting, as previously mentioned. It is very likely that you have a defective battery in this situation.

By switching the charger on, you can check to see if the battery charger is operational.

A red LED light indicates that the charger is functioning if you see one. However, having the batteries checked out by a specialist is highly recommended.

You can go to a professional if you experience problems with charging them.

What Does Dewalt Charger Light Mean? 

The YELLOW light will go out and the flashing RED light will show regular charging is taking place.

This will happen once the battery is fully charged at a safe charging temperature. A cold battery pack will charge more slowly than a warm one, it must be noted.

But this charging problem does not only happen with Dewalt batteries. It can also happen with Milwaukee batteries. It may seem green but not charging.

The LED lights flicker to indicate battery life. A brief green flare denotes a charge of under 80%.

The battery is more fully charged when the green flash lasts a longer time. The green light will be solid when the battery is fully charged.

While your battery is being charged, the red LED light on a DeWalt charger flashes. When the Dewalt charger light stops blinking and shines repeatedly, the battery has finished charging and is prepared for use.

How Should a DeWalt Battery Be Stored?

Batteries need to be kept dry and cool while being charged. Batteries shouldn’t be subjected to harsh temperatures, liquids, or oils. Instead of using chemicals to clean batteries, use a clean, lightly wet cloth.

To dispose of them quickly, cheaply, and safely, bring your dead batteries to a DEWALT Service Center nearby. Disconnect the battery before putting the instrument away for an extended amount of time.

Charge the battery completely before going to storage for an extended amount of time (longer than 6 months). Batteries with obvious damage or fractures shouldn’t be kept in storage. These are the best practices to keep your battery life longer.

Electronic Protection System for DeWalt Batteries

DeWalt lithium-ion batteries are intended to safeguard your equipment by shutting down the battery. If a condition of deep discharge, overheating, or overload is detected. 

You won’t be able to continue on and reset the battery if any of these happen. You must take the battery out and put it on the charger instead.

For a battery that is too severely discharged, this makes sense. And you are already aware that a battery needs to cool off before being charged.

Everything needs to rest if you are experiencing a state where the burden was too great.


Is It Normal for a Dewalt Charger to Get Hot?

Yes, that is the answer. When the majority of the battery’s capacity is recharged, the charger becomes warm. Normally, it takes 1 to 2 hours after you start charging to reach its maximum capacity.

Can You Overcharge a Dewalt Battery?

Simply leaving a DeWalt battery on a charger for a long time won’t cause it overcharged. Internal mechanisms in these batteries restrict the battery from accepting any additional charge once it is full.

What Do the Lights On a Battery Charger Mean?

The LED lights flicker to indicate battery life. A brief green flare denotes a charge of under 80%. The battery is more fully charged when the green flash lasts a longer time. The green light will be solid when the battery is fully charged.


So now you know what is hot cold delay on Dewalt charger. 

It is an essential function found in the majority of DeWalt batteries. When the batteries are too hot or cold, it serves to warn the user.

It is only utilized as an indicator queue, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

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