.043 vs .050 Chainsaw (Which to Choose?)

There are many chainsaws available in the market. And .043 chainsaws and .050 chainsaws are one of them.

If you are gonna choose one of them, first it’s necessary to know the differences between them.

So, what are the differences between .043 vs .050 chainsaw?

The .043 vs .050 chainsaws are different in many ways. First of all, these chainsaws are different in their prices, the larger the size the higher the price. It is also different in durability, chain lifespan, necessary efforts in operations, and weight. All these differences can just make them vice versa. 

Wait, that’s just a quick overview of the article! To know the differences in detail, let’s unravel the article together.

.043 vs .050 Chainsaw: 4 Root Differences to Know!

Here we have gathered all the necessary basic differences between them. So, let’s begin to know them!

Basic Features.043 Chainsaw.050 Chainsaw
Price and AvailabilityFrom $9 and less availableFrom $11 and more available
Durability and Chain lifespanLess Durable and Short LifespanMore Durable and Longer Lifespan
Efforts for operationNeeds More EffortNeeds Less Effort
Weight Light-WeightedHeavy-Weighted

Wanna know the differences in detail? Then let’s dig into the article!

.043 vs .050 Chainsaw: 4 Must-Known Detailed Comparison!

It will be better for all of us to know those differences in detail and with a good explanation. 

Worry not. Here we have got all the necessary explanations about those differences. Let’s start knowing them.

Feature 1: Price and Availability 

Whenever we are going to buy anything, we first check the price tag of the thing. Because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to buy expensive things.

That’s why price and availability are always important factors to consider whenever we are going to buy anything. 

.043 Chainsaw

To buy the 0.043 chainsaws, you will not need a lot of money. But the price can be different for different brands.

The minimum price of a 0.043 chainsaw starts from $9. And it is less available also.

.050 Chainsaw

The 0.050 chainsaws cost a minimum of $11. It can cost more for better brands and quality. As Better brands offer better quality. It is also made of stainless steel. Do you know the way of cutting stainless rods?

And it is available too.


0.043 chainsaw is less expensive and less available than 0.050 chainsaws.

Feature 2: Durability and Chain Lifespan

Who wants to buy something which is not durable or less durable? No one wants to buy something like this. 

For a chainsaw, the lifespan of the chain is significant. If the chain is not good and if it doesn’t last long, then you will have to buy it again and then it will be a waste of money too.

That’s why before buying a chainsaw, it’s also necessary to know its durability of those chainsaws. Let’s know about the .43 vs 50 chains.

.043 Chainsaw

Well, if we talk about the durability of the 0.043 chainsaws, then it is quite durable for our operations. It will not disappoint you a lot according to its price.

But it’s not good for the long run. As you already know, the lifespan of the chain is shorter too. And it is less effective to prevent wear resistance. So, as a result, it can be said that it is less durable too.

After some use, it loses its sharpness and even after increasing its sharpness, it will not last long and after some time we will have to buy it again.

So, the lifespan of the .043 chainsaw chain is comparatively shorter

.050 Chainsaw

If we talk about one of the reasons for the popularity of the 0.050 chainsaws, then we can’t ignore the lifespan of its chain.

The 0.050 chainsaws can provide you a longer lifespan for its chain and it will last longer than other chains too. 

Now, let’s talk about the durability of the 0.050 chainsaws. 

The 0.050 chainsaw is very durable. It can last for a long time too. And it can tolerate a lot of wear resistance. So, it will eventually last longer too.

And that’s why it’s preferable to a lot of people for its durability and long-lastingness.

Here we have recommended some chainsaw bar oil for you.

Hope they will be useful for you.


The .043 chainsaw is less durable than the .050 chainsaw and The lifespan of the chain of 0.043 chainsaws is shorter than the lifespan of the chain of 0.050.

Feature 4: Efforts for Operation 

If You are buying a tool or cutter for any operation, it’s quite impossible for anyone not to check the ability of its efficiency of work. 

Because the more the tool is efficient, you will have to give less effort to the operations. You will feel the smoothness of work if the tool is good.

If you are using tools like chainsaws and metal or wood bandsaws to cut hard things like wood, then it’s more important to have efficiency.

So, let’s see how much effort we will need to give while using those chainsaws.

.043 Chainsaw

The .043 chainsaw is good at its work and completing the operations.

Normally to have efficiency in a chainsaw, it’s very important to have stronger drive links. The more the drive links, the more efficient it is.

The .043 gauge chainsaw has fewer drive links. It has about 55 drive links which is enough to do any operation in a good way but it is less than the .050 chainsaw

It will not be so efficient, but the efficiency is enough to conduct any operation. So, you may need to put a good effort into conducting the operations of more than .050 chainsaws. If you are not professional, then it will not affect your work.

.050 Chainsaw

The .050 chainsaw is more effective at its work. As you already know, the more the drive links in the chain, the more efficient it is. 

The .050 chainsaw gauge has about 72 drive links which are a lot more than the .043 chainsaw. So, as a result, it has more efficiency at its work.

And also it will provide you with more smoothness in the tasks. So, you will have to provide less effort at the operations.


We will need to give more effort to the operations of the .043 chainsaw than the .050 chainsaw.

Feature 4: Weight 

Whenever we are thinking about using any chainsaw, we must know the weight of those tools. Because of more weight, you will get less speed from the tool too.

So, it’s quite important to know the weight of the chainsaws before you are gonna buy them.

.043 Chainsaw

Now, we already know that .043 has fewer drive links. Because of fewer drive links, the chains will be less heavy. And as a result, you will get more speed while using it.

.050 Chainsaw

.050 chainsaw has a lot of drive links, more than.043 chainsaw.  So, it’s heavier too. And you will get less speed from here.


The .043 chainsaw is lighter than the .50 chainsaw.

Now you know all the differences between them to think of some important criteria for choosing them.

Overall Verdict

If you want to buy a chainsaw that is light weighted and also at a low price, then you can choose a 0.043 chainsaw. Because both budget and weight are very important criteria to consider. 

Now, if you don’t have any problems with the weight and price and want a chainsaw to finish your task with less effort and also want this to last longer, then without any doubt 0.050 chainsaws will be perfect for you.


What kind of chainsaws do the experienced and professionals use?

Well, experienced professionals use the full chisel chainsaw chains normally. Because they normally work with hardwood and a Full chisel chainsaw is very perfect to cut hardwood like oak, etc.

The cutting teeth of the full chisel chainsaw are square-cornered and they are more geared up.

What kind of chainsaws are best to cut the wood faster?

Well, not all kinds of chainsaws can do all operations in a speedy way. If you want to choose a chainsaw through which you can cut the wood faster, then you can use a full chisel chainsaw.

Because it has a lot of teeth and many other available chain options. And the shape of its blade also makes it do the work faster.

Is it necessary to sharpen a chainsaw chain?

Yes, it’s necessary to sharpen a chainsaw chain because it can lose its sharpness because of a lot of use and corrosion.

To sharpen the chainsaw chain, first, hold it with one hand firmly and use the other hand to guide it through the cutter. Hold the file at a 90° angle to the guide bar and sharpen the chains at a 30° angle, parallel to the service mark.


Hopefully, you know now how to differentiate between 043 vs .050 chainsaw. Choose according to the differences in their features and your needs.

That’s all. We hope you enjoyed the article. You can ask us in the comment box if you have any queries.

Best wishes!

Jim Boslice

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  1. Thanks for the write up. Is there any reason I can’t switch my Makita XCU03 from a 043 to 050 bar and chain? The 043 is hard to find and don’t last. Makita has even discontinued the chain.

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