Can I Put a Smaller Bar on My Chainsaw (4 Easy Ways)

Many of us have often thought about changing and resetting the bars. Because sometimes we want to put it smaller and sometimes we want to put it much larger. But it’s not that easy, right? No worries. We are here to rescue. 

So, how can I put a smaller bar on my chainsaw? 

Most chainsaws can handle 3 distinct bar sizes. Guide bars are evaluated from the edge of the bar to the heel. The range in length varies from 10 to 40 inches. To change the bar to a smaller size you need to verify the specifications in the operator’s manual for your model to determine the size.

If the overview seems helpful, then keep reading the following segments. Because we have highlighted some exclusive ways how do we easily put a smaller bar on the chainsaw? Keep reading!

Can I Put a Smaller Bar On My Chainsaw?

There are some easy ways to change the size bar of the chainsaw. Let’s explore them one by one in our next segments. 

1. Changing the Bar

The first thing you should begin with is changing the bars. Regrettably, modifying the bar isn’t quite as simple as we remove the old one, then replacing it. 

The new bar should fit tightly upon the metal bar articles so it does not wiggle around, which could be dangerous if the bar seems to be too small. The replacement bar must also be properly aligned with the oiler nipple. 

This nipple attaches to the oil pump to the bar and sits right next to the bar posts. If the bar does not rest straightly on the nipple, it will not be lubricated during cutting.

If you can’t locate where it is exactly. You should get the length and pitch it from the manufacturing company. Because the numbers used here will vary from product to product and manufacturer to manufacturer.

2. Altering the Chain

The second option is using an alternative to the chainsaw. If you replace the bar, you should also replace the chain. It is generally compounded in two ways.

The chain components must be defined on the bar. To begin, it must be precisely the correct diameter actually to fit all around the bar and sprocket.

Furthermore, the drive links on the chain’s inner ring must fit precisely between both the guide slot machines on the new bar. 

If the guide connections are too small, you will constantly throw your chain off; if they are too large, you will create a significant amount of pressure that can connect the chain as well as snap it in half at high rates of speed. The bar’s pitch and chainsaw measurement are located on the heel.

3. Sprocket Replacement

Your chain’s drive links must precisely fit into the rhythms on the drive sprocket.

The drive sprocket sits at the back of the bar and at the top of the clutch. It mainly transfers the energy from the motor to the chain. As a result, the chain should move smoothly all around the sprocket. 

If the chain’s guide links are too tiny, the chain will whittle down the sprocket and drive links. If the guidance links are too large, the chain will become entangled and may snap or fall into your legs.


Aside from cutting the arm, the risks of substituting an incorrect bar could cost you your life.

Utilizing something other than what is suggested in the model’s operator’s handbook can result in a dangerous situation, even if you are wearing the appropriate protective equipment. 

So, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to decrease the risk of complications. You will not only save your legs, but you will also avoid unnecessary harm to the sequence, clutch, as well as crankshaft.

Why Should You Select the Proper Chainsaw Bar Length?

The bar length refers to the distance between the chain’s center and the bar’s tip. It is one of several factors that influence how a chainsaw works.

The appropriate bar length is essential since it affects how well your chainsaw performs. If you choose the wrong bar length, you may finish up with an ineffective and inefficient saw that cannot do its job effectively.

Things to Consider About Bar Chainsaws Before Purchasing One

Bar chainsaws are a popular tool among bartenders as well as bar owners. They are available in a wide range of sizes as well as brands, so ensure you know what you’re getting before purchasing.

Bar chainsaws are tiny tools used in bars to cut off bottles, access bottles, or make cocktails. They usually have a limited blade that’s also perfect for cutting through wine bottlenecks.

They also feature a serrated margin that can aid in the removal of aluminum or plastic lids from beer or soda cans.

The finest bar chainsaw review sites go over each product’s pros and cons, as well as how it relates to other product lines in its class. You should look for chainsaw problems that might cause you problems later. Especially some chainsaws that don’t work without gas.

It is also safe to choose a smaller bar size with the chainsaw. It’s because a larger bar is heavier and may injure you if used. Furthermore, the relatively small bar will be easier to control and will allow for more precise cutting.

How to Select the Correct Size for Your Chainsaws or Line Saws

Chainsaws are an excellent household tool. They are useful for severing thin sections, logs, or even doors. Chainsaws might also be utilized to cut down tiny trees and shrubs in the garden.

When selecting a chainsaw, there are 2 significant factors to consider: blade weight and size. The blade length is usually measured in inches and ranges from 10 to 24 inches.

Depending on the type of line saw you choose, the weight is measured in pounds or kilograms. Also, there are different kinds of chainsaw files available in the market.

The most used two of the chain saws are 13/64 vs 7/32 chainsaw file comparison will help you to find out. You can choose the one you want to match all your requirements. 

To find the best chainsaw for you, we have recommended some of the best-selling products here. Take a look.

Hope these discussions have helped you to find out how to put a smaller bar on my chainsaw. 


What tends to happen if you make your chainsaw bar longer?

Cutting performance decreases as the size of the chainsaw bar increases. As you keep moving towards the full range of the bar range, your chainsaw will cut with less power.

The size of the cut and the electricity implemented to the chain are traded off.

What chainsaw bar size do you need to start replacing?

A few measurements will be required when replacing your chainsaw bar. Most chainsaws can handle 3 distinct bar sizes. Guidance bars are generally measured from the tip of both the bar to the heel. And the range in length starts from 14 to 40 inches.

What is the best Stihl chainsaw bar length?

Stihl has a suggested bar length variety for all of its chainsaw models to address these issues. The raw power and size primarily determine the range.

Stihl recommends a minimum bar length of 10″ or 12″ for tiny (35 ccs & below this range) gasoline-powered.

Wrapping Up

That was everything I had to share with you. Now you know how can I put a smaller bar on my chainsaw. The process is pretty easy. But still, if you think you want any help, don’t hesitate to reach us. 


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