050 vs 058 Chain (Which One is Better)

Maybe you want to do some tree felling but you’re confused about what chain to use. We know how much of a hassle it can be. 

So you want to know about the 050 vs 058 chains?

The 050 chain is a semi-chisel and it’s good for cutting hardwood than the 058. Although, the 058 chain offers lesser kickback and vibration due to its pitch. Also, its drive link count better qualifies it for heavy duty. Additionally, it’s cheaper.

But knowing only this much won’t help you. Don’t worry though cause we’ve prepared a whole article about it just for you. 

Quick Overview of 050 vs 058 Chain

Here are the factual pieces of information you have to consider:

Factors 050 Chainsaw Chain 058 Chainsaw Chain
Chisel Semi Full
Pitch .375 .325
Drive Link 56 78
Price 27$-32$ 20$-25$

050 vs 058 Chain: Detailed Overview

We know how important it’s for you to know every minute detail before purchasing a product. That’s why we’ve tried to enlist every little detail about the important factors. 

Factor 1: Chisel

The first thing to consider here is which chainsaw is what chisel. While 0.050 is a semi-chisel chain, 0.050 is a full-chisel chain. So, what is the difference between semi and full-chisel chains?

The main difference is between their teeth. The full-chisel chain uses square-cornered teeth. This helps the chain to cut fast and aggressively. While the semi-chisel chain uses slightly rounded chains. This ensures that the sharpness of the chain lasts longer. 

Now, why does it matter? Well, it matters because since they have different features, they’re used for different purposes. 

What are Full Chisel Chains Used For?

Full chisel chains are mainly used for cutting softwood. They are often used to cut clean, green timber. These might include pine or ash trees. The sharp corners of the chain split through wooden fibers easily. 

But if it’s a dry, dirty, and hard surface then a full chisel isn’t appropriate. Because, with continuous use, the chain will start to degenerate. Its aggressive cutting feature causes too much damage to the chain on these surfaces. 

What are Semi-Chisel Chains Used For?

The semi-chisel chain is especially used for cutting frozen or hardwood. It also works well on dirty surfaces. The secret is its slightly rounded surface. It helps the chain maintain sharpness for longer periods. 

So, if you want to cut a harder surface then go for the .050 chain. On the other hand, if you’ve got a softer surface in mind, choose .058. 

Also, with the chains, you need to know about the bar. Like is it possible to put a smaller bar on the chainsaw? 

Factor 2: Pitch

The second most important thing to consider is pitch. So, what is pitch in a chainsaw?

Chain pitch determines the length of the chain. It is calculated by dividing the distance between any three consecutive rivets by two. Oregon chain is available in a variety of pitches; the smallest is .25″. While the most common is .375″, and the largest is .75″.

  • What is the pitch of a .050 chainsaw chain? It has a pitch of .375″.
  • On the other hand, what is the pitch of the .058 chainsaw chain? This chain has a pitch of .325″. 

So, which one is better? Ideally, a chain with a .325″ pitch is considered to be the best. That’s because it has a very low kickback. 

Kickback means the guide bars unexpected upward motion. If the kickback is too much then the chainsaw is harder to control. The .375″ chain has a bit more kickback in this case. 

Also, the .325″ chain offers less vibration than the .375″ chain. Thus it is more convenient to use. 

So, if you want a chain that offers lesser kickback and vibration, choose a .058 chainsaw chain.

Also, for a smooth run, it’s essential to know about chainsaw oil. Like can you use 2-stroke oil on your electric chainsaw? 

Factor 3: Drive Link

Thirdly, what you can consider is the number of drive links. Different chainsaw chains have different amounts of drive links. That’s because they are meant for different purposes. 

So, what amount of drive link is used for .050 chainsaw chains? The amount of drive links used for the .050 chain is 56. And, what amount of drive link is used for .058 chainsaw chains? The amount of drive links used for the .050 chain is 78.

So, why do they matter? Well, there is a simple explanation. 

It might be stated that having more chainsaw chain links enables better cuts for various materials. That is because of its durability.  

However, there is a price to be paid for this convenience. Because chainsaws with a lot of links are typically more expensive. Also, they are less maneuverable for minor work.

On the other hand, lesser links mean the chainsaw will be more agile. For, the same chainsaw, will have much more power. Although the chainsaw needs proper maintenance.

For any small branch under a small diameter lesser drive links will do the job. So, basically, it’s made for lighter jobs. 

In short, if you have some heavy-duty to do, choose the .058 chain. On the other hand, if it’s some light work then the .050 chain will be better. 

Factor 4: Price

Finally comes the price. Before buying any product, we know how important it is for you to consider the price. So, which one is considerably cheaper? Long story short, the .058 chain will cost a little lesser in your pocket. 

So, if you are really concerned about your budget, choose the .058 chainsaw chain. 

Here we have recommended these chains for you to check out:

Other than these, you also need to know how to deal with chainsaws if it’s problematic. Like if a chainsaw has a spark and fuel won’t start. 

What to Choose?

By now, you should be clear about which one to choose. If you want some hardwood felling then choose the .050 chain. 

On the other hand, if you want a chain with lesser kickback and control, choose the .058. It will be easier to control and also, it’s meant for heavy duty. 

For the added advantage, it’s also cheaper than the .050. 


What benefits do skip tooth chains have?

A skip chain drags lesser teeth through the wood you’re cutting than a regular chain. Less chain drag means that less force is required to cut through the timber. That implies that your saw’s motor operates more quickly, maintaining a more effective power curve. 

What is a low-profile chainsaw chain?

Low profile, or “lo pro,” chain has shorter cutters than those found on a regular chainsaw chain. Low profile chain thus creating a shallow incision. It has the benefit of weighing less than a conventional chain. Thus this chain is suitable for electric and low-horsepower saws.

Does wet wood dull a chainsaw?

No, using your chainsaw to cut wet wood is not bad. Snow, rain, or dew drops on the wood won’t affect your chainsaw in any way. Wet wood really cuts through considerably more easily than dry wood. That’s because the added moisture acts as a natural lubricant.

Bottom Line

Now let’s hear your opinion. Were we able to solve all your queries related to the 050 vs 058 Chain?

Here’s a tip for you. The sharper the cutter is the quicker the chips will flutter.

If you still have something on your mind, be sure to comment down below.

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