Can I Use 2 Stroke Oil In My Electric Chainsaw?

What kind of oil to use in an electric chainsaw is quite a popular question! Got this relevant after trying out several oil types? 

Or maybe, you already have bought 2-stroke oil and are finding compatibility? Well, we got the answers!

So, the question arises, can I use 2-stroke oil in my electric chainsaw?

Though electric chainsaws highly rely on electric motors, 2-stroke oil cuts a special part too. A combination of 2-stroke oil and gas can be the ideal approach for lubricating your electric chainsaw. Maintaining a 50 to 40 ratio for gas to oil brings the best electric chainsaw performance.

Now, this was just an overview. From the next segment, you will get everything regarding this topic.

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Can I Use 2-Stroke Oil In My Electric Chainsaw?

Yes, you can! Actually, using 2-stroke oil is quite practical for an electric chainsaw. Interestingly, mixing this with gas might be required to avoid damage to your chainsaw.

Is your chainsaw getting spark and fuel failing to start very frequently? This lubricant mixture can help!

But usually, an electric motor is enough for this chainsaw. So, you might not require getting oil to insert. 

In the meantime, chainsaws can tolerate most types of oil. However, electric chainsaws are the unique type coming with special demands too. 

This type prefers bar and chain oil in the first place. Relevantly, you will see better performance out of the chainsaw. 

Relevantly, a lack of oil supply to the cutting equipment will result in more friction.

In the meantime, this lubrication ensures less friction during the operation. At the same time, putting a smaller bar on a chainsaw might be troublesome.

We start this article by mentioning 2-stroke oil, right? So, where is the application of this specific oil? 

Well, this type of oil suits only gas-powered chainsaws. And, it refers to the fuel so that the operation keeps going. 

However, the tank does not require gas only. You might get a mixture of gas and oil. 

In this case, there are cases of meeting success too. So, that’s how 2 stroke oil gets popular here. 

But keeping the ratio in mind is very crucial. And, without maintaining the 50 to 40 ratio for gas to oil, what might be happening? 

Well, you might see the chainsaw showing average performance. At the same time, you could use 4 stroke oil too. But in the long run, this might not serve you the best. 

So, getting a deeper insight between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines before buying a chainsaw.

Why Does My Chainsaw Need Oil?

Whether it is a gas-powered or electric chainsaw, its engine requires oil. And, this actually goes to their fuel for running the operation. 

This way leads the engine to balance the temperature. And, the pistons running behind get enough lubricants to keep going. 

Also, there is a crankcase that gets lubricated during the operation. 

What if you avoid using oil and rely on just gas? Let us show you a simple example then! 

Everything will be alright while going on through raw gas. However, at some point, your chainsaw might get overheated and break in seconds. 

Along with that, bar oil or relevant types can protect the guide bar and chain. As a result, oil is actually lubricating and extending those parts’ lifespans at the same time.

What’s the catch even if we mirror the situation? Same results- chain and guide bar demand adequate oil supply all the time.

Relevantly, users ask whether using ATF for chainsaw bar oil is useful or not.

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How to Oil an Electric Chainsaw?

Though we talk about 2 stroke oil compatibility, you can’t ignore the necessity of renewable oils. 

Meanwhile, this lightweight oil type is highly useful in smaller electric chainsaws. But there is a downside too. 

You might find this degradable in the long run. As a result, looking for frequent replacement of renewable lubricants is a must. 

Along with that, it demands higher pricing compared to other conventional lubricants.

Initially, the bar should require greasing regularly. This action will lead your chainsaw to ensure up-to-the-mark performance. 

It keeps the chainsaw secured from the premature wearing of its chain and other parts. In the meantime, daily maintenance is key to preventing overheating. 

Also, don’t forget to check if any excess moisture remains there or not. Or even if you find this on the feeder pump, try to fix it accordingly. 

Here’s another crucial tip to keep reminding yourself even before buying this! Make sure about the chainsaw model and oil type you are going to utilize. 

Once you choose the lubricants, half of the problems might have gone further. Last but not least! 

Signs of worn drive links and overheating indicators are quite troublesome for users. Keep an eye on that! 

Is it Typical for Oil to Come Out of the Chain?

The chain inside the chainsaw remains uninterruptedly working. More specifically, it continuously gets lubricated with different types of oil while you operate the chainsaw. 

In this manner, the chain becomes more perfect in running and cutting. Along with that, chain teeth stay sharper in the long run. 

As the procedure goes through higher speeds, some oil might fling off the chain’s tip. 

And, it’s quite normal. Many DIY users find this stressful. But worry not! 

The higher speed your chain has got, the more chances of oil coming out.

In the meantime, losing the amount of oil might depend on the viscosity too. Along with that, the outside temperature is a key factor. 

However, you should utilize the right oil in the right circumstance. In this manner, you can save some oil indeed. 

Relevantly, utilizing a thinner oil indicates less viscosity. As a result, it might result in higher output during the summer. 

And, guess what? You might lose more oil than necessary.


What Type of Oil Does A Poulan Electric Chainsaw Utilize?

Poulan offers users to utilize its brand of double-cycle oil. This is beneficial for air-cooling engines, and motors. Most specifically, Poulan electric chainsaw with 3.2 ounces highly comes with this type of oil. If you do not find brand oil available, going for other high-quality oil is necessary.

How Often Should I Lubricate My Chainsaw? 

Filling your oil reservoir each time while filling the gas tank of your chainsaw is ideal. However, check if the saw chain, sprockets along with guide bars are receiving oil or not. When this lubrication happens from the chainsaw during operation, everything will go nicely further.

Do Battery Chainsaws Require Oil?

Yes! There might be metal-on-metal friction between the chain and the bar of the chainsaw. Due to this constant friction, the bar demands lubrication with oil. As a result, the chain runs uninterruptedly. A rechargeable chainsaw containing an automatic bar oiler can apply oil constantly.

Final Words

Now the answer is unfolded, can I use 2-stroke oil in my electric chainsaw? However, you might face challenges during mixing the oil and gas. 

Never stop yourself from calling an expert! Wanna share your thoughts on this article? Feel free to share!

Good luck with your DIY projects!

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