Dewalt Chainsaw Problems (The 360 Guidelines)

You thought getting an electric chainsaw will be the end of your chainsaw headache however it’s not the case. We understand how frustrating it can be first thing Sunday morning when you are all geared up to trim your backyard.

So, what are the Dewalt chainsaw problems?

Dewalt 20v and 60v chainsaw problems range from battery and cutting issues to starting problems, overheating, and oil problems. However, they all have fairly simple fixes. Charging the battery, cleaning, and sharpening saw teeth, after-use care, and fixing chain tension will solve all these problems.

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Keep on reading to track down your specific issue and fix it quickly!

Dewalt Chainsaw Battery Issue

Dewalt Chainsaw is fully electric and runs on a 20V or 60V battery. You might be facing an issue where you cannot charge your battery. 

Dewalt Chainsaw Battery Issue

To properly charge your battery put the battery in the charger, and a red light will appear. If your battery is fully drained, then charge for 8 hours. If it’s not charging, then the following might be the reason. 

Problem  Reasons Solution
Battery Won’t Charge  Surrounding temperature  Make sure your battery and charger are operating under temp.  40 °F to 105 °F. 
Battery Won’t Charge  Dirty Connections Clean the connection to get the grease off 
Battery Won’t Charge  Battery Issue  Reset the battery 
Battery Won’t Charge  Faulty Charger  Change the charger

Problem: Battery Won’t Charge 

If your chainsaw battery is not charging you need to reset it. Below, I am adding the process for resetting it.


Now if you are wondering how to reset the battery, follow these simple steps. 

Steps to reset a Dewalt Battery: 

  • 2 wires.
  • 1 Fully Charged Battery.

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  • Connect the +B terminals of both the discharged battery and the fully charged one. 
  • Connect the -B terminals of the discharged battery and the fully charged one.
  • Wait for a few seconds and disconnect the wires.

Dewalt Chainsaw Starting Problems

The most frustrating problem you can face with an electric chainsaw is that it won’t start. There are two ways starting problems occur. One is when you can’t turn it “On” altogether and another one is when it stops abruptly after starting.  

Problem  Reasons Solution
The Chainsaw Won’t Start  The battery is not charged Charge the battery fully before using it.
The Chainsaw Won’t Start  The battery is not installed properly  Properly install the battery. 
The Chainsaw Won’t Start  The trigger jammed  Clean the trigger. 
The Chainsaw Won’t Start  Lock Off Issue Fully push the lock off down.
Shuts Down Immediately After The Start  Defective battery Replace the battery.
Shuts Down Immediately After The Start  Low battery charge  Charge the battery according to the manual.
Shuts Down Immediately After The Start  Power line Issue Make sure you have a steady electricity flow when you are using a chainsaw with a cord.
Shuts Down Immediately After The Start  Dirty chainsaw Clean your unit thoroughly after each use.

Problem 1: Dewalt Chainsaw Won’t Start

The main reason your Dewalt chainsaw won’t start is a dead battery or wrongly installed battery.  Moreover, lock-off issues and the jammed trigger can cause the chainsaw to not start. 


Follow these guidelines to fix this starting issue.

  • Fully charge your battery before use
  • Install your battery in the slot properly. Take out the battery and put it back in and you should hear a clicking sound
  • Check if something is stuck to the trigger, then remove it
  • Push the lock off fully down, before moving the main trigger

Problem 2: Shuts Down Immediately After the Start 

Your chainsaw shuts down immediately after starting due to defective or low-powered battery, powerline issue, and dirty chainsaw. 


Check if your battery is defective, if it is then replace the battery. However, if it’s just low on charge, then charge it fully.

While using the chainsaw make sure you are supplied with a steady amount of electricity flow. Clean your chainsaw thoroughly after each use.

If you want a top-notch battery yet, here are some suggestions:

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Dewalt Chainsaw Cutting Issues

You want your chainsaw to cut smoothly without much sweat. However, users have mentioned the below-mentioned troubles with Dealt chainsaw cutting. 

Problem  Reasons Solution
Cut Not Deep Enough  Wrong depth set Fix the depth gauge setting. 
Angled Cut Dull/ Crooked teeth  Sharpen saw teeth.
Wiggly Blade  Inaccurate belt tension Adjust belt tension.
Rough Cut  Crack in the blade Replace the blade. 
Round blade tips Sharpen saw teeth. 

Problem 1: Cut Not Deep Enough

If your chainsaw is cutting deeper than intended cuts or shallow cuts, it means the wrong depth is set in your chainsaw. 


We need to work with the depth gauge to fix this. If the teeth of your chainsaw are uneven, they won’t cut properly. With these easy steps, adjust the Depth On a Dewalt Chainsaw

  • Measure the gauges using a depth gauge and file guide tools. 
  • Put the tool on the flat-lying chain. The gauge should slide into the slot of the tool.
  • The tool’s slot and the depth gauge should be on the same level
  • Trim/ file down the tall edges. 
  • Repeat step 4 for all tall teeth until they are even. 

Problem 2: Angled Cut

If your chainsaw is producing angled cuts and you don’t want them, you need to sharpen your blade teeth. 


Here is an easy-to-follow guide to sharpening your chainsaw teeth.

Caution: Wear Protective Gloves

  • Chainsaw file 4.5 mm
  • File holder
  • Gloves 
  • Vise
Dewalt Chainsaw Angled Cut
Source: Home Gardens Care
  • Take out the battery from the chainsaw.
  • Fix chain tension if it’s loose.
  • Put the chainsaw in the Vise to stabilize it
  • Start sharpening the shortest cutter/ top plate.
  • Stroke the teeth at a 60-degree angle.
  • Sharpen the other side of the chain.
  • Check and file down your depth gauge, so it is shorter than the adjacent cutter.

Problem 3: Wiggly Blade 

When you cut a log, the last thing you want is a loose, wiggly blade in your chainsaw. This happens due to incorrect belt tension. 


Here’s how to adjust belt tension on a chainsaw.

how to adjust belt tension on a chainsaw
Source: Home Improvement Scout
  • Reduce friction by turning the pressure wheel (the bigger circular thing on the right side).
  • Rotate the smaller knob (on the left corner) clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust belt tension to your liking. 

Problem 4: Rough Cut

This usually happens due to dull blade teeth or a crack in your blade. If there is a crack, then you have to replace the blade. 


For dull blade teeth, you need to sharpen them.

Dewalt Chainsaw Overheating

If your chainsaw is overheating, it is quite hard to maneuver it without being concerned. 

Symptoms that show your chainsaw is overheating: 

  • Hot wood chips
  • Smoke 
  • Hot air
  • Long cutting time
  • Peculiar sound 
Problem  Reasons Solution
Overheating/ Smoking  Running for a long time  Run for the recommended amount of time.
Overheating/ Smoking  Not enough chain oil  Put an adequate amount of chain oil before use.
Overheating/ Smoking  Overly tightened chain  Adjust belt tension. 
Overheating/ Smoking  Dull Saw teeth  Sharpen Saw teeth. 
Overheating/ Smoking  Power Line Issue  For corded chainsaws use 15 Amp sockets and extensions. 
Overheating/ Smoking  The wrong type of blade used  Use a suitable blade depending on what you want to cut.

Problem: Dewalt Chainsaw Overheating

Like any other electrical device, if your Dewalt chainsaw has been running for a long time it will overheat.

Other factors like dull saw teeth, overly tightened chains,  incorrect blade type, inadequate chain oil, and power line issues can cause overheating/smoking as well. 


All these problems have fairly simple fixes. First, check your power line if you are using a corded Dewalt Chainsaw. You must be plugged into a powerline that produces the needed Amp. for your specific chainsaw model. 

Before starting the chainsaw inspect the blade type and make sure it’s suitable for your yard work. Go through the chainsaw teeth to see if they have become dull. If so then you need to sharpen them. 

Examine the bar and chain oil to see if it’s enough and make sure the tension in your chain is not too high. Also, don’t run your chainsaw for a prolonged period of time. 

Dewalt Chainsaws Oil Problems

Believe it or not, electric chainsaws also use oil. It is mainly utilized for lubrication and cooling. 

Problem  Reasons Solution
Oil Leaking  Overfilled oil tank  Fill the oil tank appropriately.
Oil Leaking  Lack of after-use care  Empty the oil tank after each use. 
Oil Leaking  Built-up air pressure in the oil tank  To release the pressure, open the cap.
Oil Leaking  Not storing chainsaw properly Store in a specific layout. 
Oil Leaking  Oil Cap Problem  Install an O-ring on the oil cap.
Not Lubricating properly  Inadequate bar and chain oil  Use the recommended amount of oil. 
Not Lubricating properly  Blocked holes  Check for a clogged oiler hole and clean it.
Not Lubricating properly  Wrongly set bar blocking the lubricating hole Fix all misalignments of bar.
Not Lubricating properly  Defective oil pump  Replace the oil pump. 

Problem 1: Oil Leak in Dewalt Chainsaw 

Oil can be leaked from your Dewalt chainsaw when there is a problem with the oil tank or lack of maintenance after use.

An overfilled oil tank, built-up air pressure in the oil tank, and an oil cap problem all lead to an oil leak. Lack of after-use care will cause oil leaks as well. 


Follow the steps to fix the oil leak in your Dewalt Chainsaw.

  • Fill the oil tank with the required amount of oil, no more, no less. 
  • Release pressure from the oil tank by opening the cap.
  • Fix a loose oil cap with an O ring. Here’s how you install an O ring in your oil tank cap.
  • After each session of using the Dewalt chainsaw, dump all the unused oil from the tank. 
  • When storing the chainsaw make sure the guide bar is in a neutral position or the chainsaw facing down without the guide bar.

Problem 2: Improper Lubrication 

A lot of Dewalt chainsaw owners complained about their oil pump not oiling properly.

Check for a defective oil pump, then the amount of oil put in the bar and chain then blocked oiler holes. These are the main culprits for inadequate oiling. 


To get sufficient lubrication in your Dewalt Chainsaw follow these 

  • If your oil pump is defective, replace it. 
  • Use the recommended amount of oil for the bar and chain. 
  • To open up blocked oiler holes, clean the clogged holes.
  • Check to see if a misaligned bar is obstructing lubrication. Adjust the alignment of the bar. 


Can you use 10W30 for bar and chain oil?

Yes, you can use 10W30 for bar and chain oil. However, it is not ideal. You should use a bar and chain oil that is recommended by the user manual. For example, with Dewalt chainsaws, it is recommended to use Dewalt biodegradable chainsaw oil.

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Why does my chainsaw chain stretch so fast?

If you are using a new chainsaw, you might be in your break-in period. However, for old chainsaws, stretching happens due to excessive heat and friction for a long time. Another reason for a loose chain might be an incorrect choice of chain. 

How much chain stretch is acceptable?

You should be able to move the chain up or down by half an inch. This is the limit for properly tensioned chainsaws. You can adjust the tension by turning a little circular knob.

Bottom Line

That’s all you need to know about the Dewalt chainsaw problems.

Whether you have difficulty starting your Dewalt chainsaw or an oil leakage problem, this article covered all grounds regarding the fixes.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if this article helped you pinpoint your issue and find a fix.

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