Milwaukee Circular Saw Problems (Here is How To Solve)

As a consumer, you want the best product in the market. That’s what Milwaukee offers. However, it can sometimes be frustrating if you stumble upon any unexpected problem.

You might wonder, What are the Milwaukee Circular Saw Problems?

Some of its problems are related to low speed or power. It also has occasional issues with the blades not spinning or cutting straight. But there are also problems related to its trigger and spindle lock. 

However, this is to focus on the fact that such problems are not expected. But if there are any problems, these are what you may face.

In this article, we covered the issues and ways to solve them. You have to continue to find out more.

Milwaukee Circular Saw Starting problems

Problem Reasons Solutions
Milwaukee Circular Saw Not Starting Improperly plugged, Problem with the fuse, cord, and battery  Plug in properly, replace the fuse and cord, and replace or charge the battery.
Milwaukee Circular Saw Low Speed Low power voltage, Problem with the cord and wiring Contact the service provider, fix the wiring and cord issue.

Problem 1: Milwaukee Circular Saw Not Starting

One of the critical problems is that the Milwaukee Circular Saw won’t turn on. It could be due to many reasons related to a weak battery, damaged fuse, and cord. Improper connection is also another reason.

Solution 1: Plug in Properly

It is self-explanatory. All you need to do is check whether the connection is correctly plugged in or not.

Solution 2: Replace the Cord

This is one of the Milwaukee m18 6 ½ circular saw problems. It is equipped with a cord. First, you need to troubleshoot it.

Look for noticeable signs of damage in the cord or any loose connection. If there is a problem, then replace it.

Following are the steps to replace a cord in a circular saw:

  • Loosen the bolts and remove a part of the rear handle.
  • Locate the cord after the cover has been removed.
  • Remove the cord from the switch and the strain reliever.
  • Take the new cord and put it in the strain reliever.
  • Connect the cord back to the switch.
  • Put the cord along with the switch back into the housing. 
  • Put the cover over it and tighten the bolts back.

Solution 3: Replace the Switch

Replacing the switch can be done quickly. Firstly, follow the instructions for removing the cord, as discussed in the previous step. The cord is connected to the switch. A step involves you separating the switch from the cord. 

Reconnect the new switch to the cord and return it to the housing.

Solution 4: Recharge or Replace the Battery

It is one of the Milwaukee fuel 7 ¼ circular saw problems. All fuel circular saws usually have a battery instead of a cord connection.

Recharge the battery by connecting it to a power source. However, the following are the steps for replacing the battery:

  • Disconnect the power source and locate the battery pack.
  • Press the battery release button to slide the pack out of the saw.
  • Take the new battery pack and put it in the place of the old one.
  • After it is inserted, connect the power back on and resume work.

As stated, you can solve the problem related to the power easily by replacing a few of the components. 

Problem 2: Milwaukee Circular Saw Low Speed

After starting the saw, it is entirely possible that it gradually loses its speed. This could be due to many reasons, such as problems with the power supply or problems with the wiring connected to the saw. 

Solution 1: Replace the Cord

You can troubleshoot and replace the cord by yourself.

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Solution 2: Contact the Service Provider

Contact the electric service provider if there is any problem with the electric supply. Sometimes it is just the supply problem.

However, you can also use UPS or inverters to power the tools if power fluctuation is a problem.

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Milwaukee Circular Saw Blade Problem

Problems  Reasons Solutions
Saw is Not Spinning Battery Problem, Motor Problem, Incorrect Depth, Incorrect type of Blade Recharge or replace the battery, Replace the motor, and Use the correct type and depth of blade.
Saw is Not Cutting Straight Dull Blade, Warped Blade, Warped or Misaligned Shoe, Loose Blade Sharpen or replace the blade, Properly align the blade, and Properly align the shoe.
Saw is Spinning in Opposite Direction Dull Blade, Misaligned Blade, Dirty Blade Sharpen or replace the blade, Check the electric connection, Properly align the blade, and Clean the blade.

Problem 1: Milwaukee Circular Saw not Spinning

Just like losing its speed, there is a possibility that the Milwaukee Circular saw stopped working. This is another serious problem that can happen for so many reasons.

It could be a battery-related problem or a motor problem. Again, using the wrong type or depth of blade can also make the saw not spin. 

Solution 1: Replace or Recharge the Battery

Often the reason why a saw is not spinning correctly is not anything mechanical. Instead, it is due to problems with the battery. It can be solved by either recharging the battery or replacing it entirely.

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Solution 2: Replace the Motor

Like the battery, the motor is also a power source for the saw. When it gets damaged, then it can stop the saw from spinning. 

This solution is to replace the motor. Following are the steps to replace a motor in a circular saw:

  • Turn off the power and locate the blade guard
  • Remove both the blade and blade guard
  • Loosen the connection with the motor using screwdrivers.
  • Remove the motor and install another one
  • Connect it back to its previous position and tighten the bolts.
  • Pull the blade and blade guard back and tighten them.

Solution 3: Use the Correct Depth 

Depth plays a crucial role in how the saw will function. If none of those steps work, check the depth and replace it with the one that suits you better. 

Milwaukee blades typically come with two depths of product. 6 ½ and 7 ¼. These are the dimensions of the saw blade.

The 7 ¼ is slightly better because it can cut deeper, and when titled, it can cut through a 2 x 4.  

Problem 2: Saw is not Cutting Straight

When not going straight, a method of Milwaukee circular saw troubleshooting is to check the blade quality. You can solve it by replacing, sharpening, and properly aligning the blade. 

Solution 1: Replace the Blade

A dull blade is not helpful for any purpose. In that case, you can always replace a blade.

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Following are the steps for replacing the blade:

  • Turn off the power.
  • Disconnect the spindle lock by pressing the button on top of the saw.
  • Disconnect the nut and rotate the blade guard counterclockwise.
  • Remove the blade gently.
  • Put the new blade in its position and put the nut back.
  • Lock down the spindle lock properly.

Solution 2: Sharpen the Blade

Usually, a dull or poor-quality blade can be fixed by sharpening it. Following are the steps for sharpening the blade:

  • Remove the blade in the methods discussed in the previous step.
  • Use a sharpening tool like sandpaper or a grinding wheel to sharpen the blade.
  • Put it back into the blade housing.

Solution 3: Properly Align the Blade

Remove the blade from the housing properly. While reinstalling it, ensure the blade has been set in the correct orientation.

Problem 3: Saw is Spinning in Opposite Direction

Saw going in the opposite direction or kickback is a severe problem. If it ever happens, do not try to stop it! 

With that said, there are many reasons behind it, such as dull, misaligned, and dirty blades. But the best part is that you can solve it yourself.

Solution 1: Replace the Blade

The process of replacing the blade has also been discussed above.

Solution 2: Sharpen the Blade

A poor-quality blade can lead to kickbacks. However, the process of sharpening the blade has already been discussed.

Solution 3: Properly Align the Blade

Firstly, check whether the saw has been inserted correctly. If there is any misalignment, then it could lead to severe problems.

If there is no problem with the alignment, look at whether the blade is loosely connected. If it is, then tighten it.

All you have to do is unplug or turn off the saw. Next, check all the bolts and tighten them. It should work fine after this.

Solution 4: Clean the Blade

After any previous work, make sure to clean the saw using an air blower. You can also dismantle it and clean it properly. 

Tools required:

  • Brush
  • Cleaning Solution.

Following are the steps:

  • Turn the power off and remove the blade covering.
  • Gently remove the blade and avoid touching its teeth.
  • Dip the brush in the cleaning solution and start cleaning it. 
  • After the cleaning and rinsing are done, wipe it properly to remove any debris.
  • Put the blade back into the housing and tighten it. 

Other Milwaukee Circular Saw Problems

Problems Reasons Solutions
Spindle Lock Not Working Spindle Lock stuck Replace Spindle Lock.
Trigger Not Working Unclean blade surface Clean the blade surface.
Does Not Cut All the Way Saw Dust, Increased Friction, Wet Workpiece Cleaning the blade, Dry Workpiece, and Removing obstructions.
Light On But Not Working Damaged cord, damaged switch Troubleshooting the cord and fixing it, replacing the switch.

Problem 1: Spindle Lock Not Working

Spindle Lock related problems are typically about not locking the spindle properly. The main work of a spindle lock is to grab the spindle while removing the saw blade. It can be solved by just replacing the spindle lock. 

Problem 2: Trigger Not Working

The trigger is also not immune from problems. Typically it stops working due to an unclean blade surface.


All you need to do is check whether the electric wirings are correctly connected and the blade is clean.

Problem 3: Does Not Cut All the Way

It means that the circular saw is not going till the end or stops midway. It can happen for reasons like an unclean blade surface or friction. But blade binding is the primary reason for such a problem.

Solution 1: Cleaning the Blade

At this point, you must know the importance of a clean blade. It can be cleaned by using an air blower or dismantling it. 

Solution 2: Removing Friction

Removing obstacles in the path of the saw will lead to reduced friction. Friction happens due to collision with obstacles. These collisions lead to heat and further deterioration of the saw.

Solution 3: Using a Dry Workpiece

A wet workpiece creates problems for the circular saw in movement. This is why you should always use a dry workpiece while working. 

Solution 4: Replacing or Sharpening the Blade

The steps of replacing and sharpening the blade have been discussed.

Problem 4: Light On But Not Working

A common problem in Milwaukee Circular saw is light on but not working. Again, it happens for reasons related to the electric connection.

Solution 1: Fixing the Cord

You have to troubleshoot and replace the damaged cord. The steps of troubleshooting and replacing the cord have been discussed.

Solution 2: Replacing the Switch

The steps for replacing the switch have been discussed.

Therefore, all these steps will help you troubleshoot and solve the problems related to Milwaukee Circular saw. However, solve these problems yourself only if you are equipped and experienced.

We only recommend DIY work related to cutting tools if you are experienced or under any supervision.

Please visit any nearby repair store for help if you are not experienced.


How many pairs of blades should I have while using a Milwaukee Circular Saw?

Have at least two pairs of saw blades with you. This is a safety precaution in case one of the blades gets damaged.  

How long can I use a Milwaukee Circular Saw?

Typically it comes with a warranty period of 5 years. It depends upon how you use it, but the warranty period is important here.

Is Milwaukee Circular Saw Waterproof?

No, Milwaukee Circular Saw is not waterproof. Do not bring it near water. Water can deteriorate the quality of the blades. 


Hopefully, that answers all your questions related to Milwaukee circular saw problems. As you can see, most of the problems can be easily solved by you.

Now, make sure that the electrical connection and the blade quality is maintained properly for prolonged use.

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