Metal Vs Wood Bandsaw (5 Factors + Table)

You might be thinking of cutting your metal or wood materials for your personal or industrial purpose. For cutting purposes, Bandsaw is a useful one.

Basically, there are two types of Band Saw: metal and wood. You might be confused about which one you should choose.

If you want a cheaper price and smooth cutting, you can definitely go for the Metal Band Saw. On the contrary, if you want fast and speedy cutting, you can go for the Wood Band Saw. 

But before choosing the desired one, you need to know a little more. In this article, we are going to discuss some factors between these two.

Metal vs Wood Band Saw: Quick Comparison

There are some common factors you need to consider before choosing a Band Saw. In the below chart, you can see the factors you need to consider. 

Factor Wood Bandsaw Metal Bandsaw
Price Higher Lower
Blade Plate Smaller Bigger
Blade Speed Higher Lower
Cutting Material Lighter Material Denser and Tougher Material
Cutting Smoothness Less Smooth More Smooth

Now I am going to discuss these factors more elaborately in detail. You can check 10 vs 14 bandsaws to get a little bit of an idea. So let’s start.

Metal vs Wood Bandsaw: Which One is Better

Factor 1. Price

You can think the price of the metal might be higher than the wooden one. But in reality, the metal bandsaw has a lower price. On the other hand, the wood Bandsaw is comparatively a little more expensive than the other ones.

So you might choose the metal Bandsaw if you want a cheaper price.

Winner: Metal Band Saw.

Factor 2. Blade Plate

The blade plate is the main cutting device of the Bandsaw. It is actually a combination of gears. Metal is much tougher than wood obviously. 

So the blade plate of metal is bigger than that of wood. Also, the blade plate of the metal Bandsaw has the highest smoothness.

So in this case, if you want to do heavy metal cutting, you can choose Metal Bandsaw. But if you want to cut light material, you definitely should choose Wood Bandsaw.

Winner: No Specific Winner (Depends on the user).

Factor 3. Blade Speed

Previously, I mentioned that metal had a bigger blade plate. It can be easily assumed that a bigger plate needs more time to rotate.

The metal bandsaw has a comparatively bigger blade plate. So it needs more time to rotate. As a result, the speed of a metal band saw will be less.

On the other hand, the wood bandsaw has a smaller blade plate. As a result, the plate needs less time to rotate. So the speed will be lesser than the metal one. 

So for fast cutting, you should choose the Wood Bandsaw.

Winner: Wood Bandsaw.

Factor 4. Cutting Material

The blade of the metal is made more robustly than the wood Bandsaw. So basically the metal Bandsaw can cut denser and tougher material. It is also suitable for cutting stainless steel.

On the other hand, the wood bandsaw can cut lighter and easier material. In this case, you should choose according to your needs.

Winner: No Specific Winner (Depends on materials)

Factor 5. Cutting Smoothness

Cutting smoothness vastly depends on the speed of the blade. The speedy blade cuts rougher than the slower one. Also, a speedy blade is tough to control. As a result, you can’t expect a smooth cut from a speedier one.

The wood bandsaw has a speedy blade plate. So it is tough to control its velocity. As a result, it cuts fast. But the smoothness cannot be fully maintained.

On the other hand, the metal bandsaw has a slower blade plate. So you can easily control its speed. As a result, you can expect a smooth cut from the metal one.

So if you wish for a smooth and accurate cutting, then you must go for the metal one. 

Winner: Metal Band Saw.

Final Decision

We have discussed various factors of two kinds of Band Saw. Basically, the decision depends on you.

If you want fast cutting, you can choose the wood Bandsaw. The wood bandsaw will save you valuable time. If you need to cut more in a short time, definitely go for the wooden one.

But if you want heavy metal cutting, then go for the metal one. Also, the metal one will offer you smooth and perfect cutting. If you have issues with quality, definitely go for the wood one.

And one last thing is the price. Do you want to save money? Then go for the metal bandsaw. Because the metal band saw is cheaper than the other one.

So choosing the bandsaw completely depends on you. First, “you need to consider the factors.” Make the priorities. Then choose the bandsaw you require. Hopefully, “you can now easily choose your required one.”


Can we use metal Bandsaw for metal cutting?

In one word the answer is yes. The main difference between these two kinds is the blade. If you can control the speed of the blade, then it is possible. But you need to ensure that the speed of the blade needs to be changed.

Can we cut meat by using a bandsaw?

The answer is yes. Just one thing you need to change. That is changing the blade according to a speed of 2000/3000 FPM.

Which kind of metal can I cut with a wood Bandsaw?

In one word, the answer is any kind of material. The wood Bandsaw is much more powerful than your imagination. You can cut any kind of metal like silver, aluminum, steel, etc with a wood Bandsaw.


So that is all from my side. After going through the article, think in a calm head. Decide what factors you should consider.

Hopefully, this article will remove all your confusion regarding Metal vs Wood Bandsaw queries. 

Then you can easily choose your suitable Bandsaw for your necessary work.

Jim Boslice

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