Bandsaw Motor Problems (3 Problems + Solutions)

We know how important it can be to use a bandsaw. It helps us to get hard or rigid things separated.

But this becomes really problematic if the bandsaw stops working suddenly. And this mainly happens due to the motor of it.

So, how can I resolve the bandsaw motor problems?

If your bandsaw motor stalls, you need to clean your bandsaw motor. However, if the bandsaw motor makes noises, you would have to consider lubrication. And lastly, if it turns off suddenly, you may need an expert!

This gives you the answer to solutions. However, you need to go through many more things to get this done properly.

3 Bandsaw Motor Problems And Troubleshooting Guide

Bandsaws are something that we use for our necessary projects. Starting from wood to cutting stainless steel, we use them. However, these may have problems at times.

Problem 1: Bandsaw Motor Stalls

The most common problem of a bandsaw motor is this stalling. And this mainly happens for two reasons. So, why does the bandsaw motor stall?

Well, the first reason for this is the congregation of dust and debris. When you use your bandsaw to cut off something, the object spreads its particles.

These, in turn, get over as dust particles or even debris. And due to this, the dust particles get into the motor of the bandsaw. 

Over time, more and more particles get into that. As time goes by, the bandsaw motor has dust particles engaged in it. Due to this, the motor fails to run properly, and hence it stalls.

However, this might not be the only reason for it. Because it may also happen due to lubrication. That means when you are oiling the bandsaw, the oil may get deep into the motor.

And the dirt particles from the oil may congregate in the motor with time. So, the bandsaw motor starts having issues which result in the machine stalling.


To resolve this, you need to clean the bandsaw motor. So, how to clean the bandsaw motor? Well, this is easy but you need to be careful with it.

First of all, turn off the bandsaw so that there is no power at all. Let it cool down for a while.

Then you would put off the saw blade very carefully. Do not keep it on in any way. Because it would be very risky to work with the blade on. Remember these blades are long-lasting like the lifetime of miter saw blades.

Now, locate the bandsaw motor that is at the bottom of the main tire. You need to clean that now. Take a clean cloth which must be dry. 

Ensure that the cloth isn’t wet in any way or not even a bit damp. Now, rub off the motor very slowly. See, if there is any clog or something to take that off.

Clean thoroughly with that dry cloth. After that, you may apply a bit of oil to that for lubrication. And then you can get started again to finish off the cleaning!

Now, for a suggestion of oil for this, here you go. You may look up to the choices we got for you.

Hope this helps!

Problem 2: Bandsaw Motor Makes Noises

While working you may hear noises coming from the bandsaw motor at times. And the noises are not common but rather unusual. 

The noise might be more like a screeching sound at times. This happens when there is an issue with your bandsaw motor. So, why does the bandsaw motor makes noises?

Well, it happens if there is a lack of lubrication. That means if you fail to oil the motor as needed, it would have issues. Because it can not be lubricated which pressurizes it. 

This is similar to a chainsaw running out of gas.

Due to this, the motor may start wearing out. And it may also happen if the oil quality is not that good. So, you need to look at these things for this.


For this, you need to make sure you lubricate the motor as needed. You really just need to ensure two things for this. The first one is the regularity of lubrication.

And secondly, you have to look at the quality of it. So, that is how you can simply resolve this!

Problem 3: Bandsaw Motor Turns off Suddenly

Another common problem is the bandsaw motor turning off suddenly. And if this happens, the work gets disrupted in the middle. 

But why does the bandsaw motor suddenly stop? Well, it happens if there are internal issues with bandsaw parts. Perhaps there is a loose connection inside the motor.

It may also happen if there’s a loose connection between the motor and something else. This may happen anytime when any internal connection has an issue.

And mainly it happens when the connection issues are connected with the bandsaw motor. Thus, this is an internal issue that may be out of your control.


To get this solved, you need to look at the internal stuff. So, it is better if you can manage an expert for this. Because you may not be a person other than an amateur.

Thus, you may even deteriorate the condition trying to assess it. So, call out to an expert to look at it. If they can, they would resolve the case. 

However, if the issues are severe, you may need to get the motor replaced. But that might cost a little bit more than you think.

Few Tips for the Bandsaw Motor

You know there are a few things to do or avoid for the bandsaw motor. It would not just facilitate the motor but the entire bandsaw as well. So, here you go with the tips.

  • Take breaks while you are using your bandsaw. Because your bandsaw motors need rest after a time. 
  • You need to consider oiling your bandsaw at times. Because this would let your motor and other parts not wear out.
  • Do not forget to clean and lubricate the bandsaw before you start using it.
  • Do not need to sharpen your bandsaw blade as it may deteriorate the condition.
  • Change the bandsaw blade whenever it is needed. It is better not to use the old bandsaw blades.

So, these are the basic bandsaw tips for you. Hope these help. Good luck!


Is it better to replace the bandsaw if it has motor issues?

Well, no it is not necessary to replace the bandsaw with its motor issues. Because it basically depends on a few other things like its degree and problem.

What RPM is normal for the bandsaw to run at?

On average, a bandsaw runs with an RPM of about 1725 units. So, this is ideal or you can say normal RPM for a bandsaw to run. You need not be worried if it increases or decreases a bit from this.

Is it an easy job to replace a bandsaw motor?

Well, it is not that easy to replace a bandsaw motor, to be honest. However, it is nothing impossible to do either. Because replacing a bandsaw motor may help you from replacing the entire bandsaw.


Now you know about the common bandsaw motor problems! And you would now have no more issues resolving them.

But there is one thing to consider. That is, if your bandsaw has been kind of old, try replacing it. Because old bandsaw becomes blunt most of the time. And these would not be very effective with operations.

So, think of it when you see it!

Jim Boslice

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