Skip Chain Vs Full Comp (Which To Choose)

The chainsaw is the first thing needed, whether for professional or personal needs it. And that’s where the biggest dilemma arises between skip chain and full comp. 

Now, what do you think? Which one would be the better option when we talk about  Skip Chain Vs  Full Comp? 

A skip chain usually has a faster speed than a full comp chain. But they need lesser power which is efficient enough. But a full comp’s sharping longevity is longer than a skip chain. Skip chain possesses slower cutting accuracy. But a full comp’s cutting ability is unbeatable due to using high power.

Still couldn’t choose? Well, don’t give up yet. I have a more detailed contrast between both chains. We need your utmost attention until the end so you can get a better perception. 

Skip chain and Full comp: A Sneak Peek! 

Well, before getting into more details, let’s go through the table below. Then it will be easier for you before diving into more details. Have a look!

FeatureSkip ChainFull comp
Sharpness longevity5-6 yearsMinimum 10 years
Cutting Ability with accuracySlowerFaster
UsabilityLonger bar, clear chipsShorter and fat bar
Required powerLesserMore
SpeedFaster Slower

Still, stressing out to decide? No worries, you’ll be good to go by the end of the article. Let’s start, shall we?

Detailed Comparison: Skip Chain Vs Full comp

Well, there’s no place for compromise when it comes to investing your money, right? That is why we’ve come up with a detailed comparison.

Let’s dig in!

1. Sharpness Longevity

 You are wondering about getting a sequence for a saw chain. You want to have the best one that serves a great sharpening ability, right?

A group of experienced chain saw users think that a full comp chain tends to stay sharp longer than a skip chain.

For instance, a full comp would be the better choice if you want to operate a 24’’ bar. Also, a full comp considers being the fastest and smoothest cutting sequence for a short-cutting attachment. 

Even, it is a good choice for those who want to reduce sharpening time.

A skip chain remains sharp for 5-6 years usually. But if you can take proper care of that, it may last longer. Also, it works outstandingly when it requires deep cuts. 

One thing more, cutting a fair amount of climbing requires great sharpness. And full comp performs great in this scenario. But the skip chain might get tired while performing the same.

Winner: So, regarding this issue, we love to tell you that you should go for a full comp chain. Because it stays sharp longer, which reduces your hassle of getting a new one again.

And obviously, it’s gonna keep your chain sharpened for a longer period of time.

2. Cutting Ability with Accuracy

Well, a full comp chainsaw is used for the professional running long bar.  Because it cuts faster than a skip chain.

As a matter of fact, a skip chain is not used by full-time users. Because it has a slower cutting ability compared to fully comp.

Winner: Here, tie It’s a 

We think you should pick a full comp one if you are professional. Otherwise, a skip chain cuts wonderfully for homely or personal work.

3. Usability

Well, you need to consider usability while working. As you know, different situation requires different measures.

A particular situation demands a particular chainsaw. A skip chain is used for running a longer bar and for helping clear chips. Again, it is very useful with an underpowered saw.

On the contrary, a full comp performs great for shorter and fat bars.

Winner: For us, you’re gonna enjoy the performance of a skip chain if you want to clear the chip instantly after cutting a long bar.

4. Required power

To run a chainsaw, you need power and proper fuel; there is no alternative. Like any other mechanical tool, it is just a machine. 

So, you should not forget about power while running a chainsaw.  

You might be happy after knowing a skip chain requires less power. But a full comp needs more power to run through a bar.

Winner: Choose a skip chain to save your power. 

5. Speed

Speed is one of the most necessary features of a chainsaw. As a user, you would love to know about the speeding quality. But you need to know about this to choose a specific speed according to your situation.

In this case, a skip chain has a faster speed during running through a bar.

On the other hand, a full comp can continue its job at a slower speed. 

Winner: So, you should go for a skip chain for great speed.

Decided Yet or Not?

Per our discussion, you might have decided which one you need according to your situation. 

Remember, if you want to run long bars, a full comp will be a great choice for you. It will be faster and smoother enough in your process. 

Also, you won’t able to hold your temptation after knowing that a full comp will reduce your sharpening time. But if your job requires burying the bar in a deep cut. A skip chain would probably be a brings a win-win situation for you. 

But whatever you decide, be ready to meet some compromise. Because each chain has its limitations and imperfections. You have to choose per your necessity.


When should you use a full skip chain?

Full-skip happened to be the best-selling sequence. If you need to run long bars and have to slit a big chunk of wood. Also, you may utilize it to cut large softwood trees. Chips from long cuts must travel a great distance before being released from the chain. That is common in this condition.

What type of chain do loggers use?

The full chisel chainsaw chain has been squared. It has sharply pointed cutters which cut wood roughly. They allow the chain to move quickly through the wood. For this reason, a full chisel chain often is considered the best professional chainsaw chain. But semi-chisel cutters also work well. 

Which size chainsaw is perfect to use in milling?

The largest saw you can get your hands on will be best for milling purposes. If you have no problem with spending loads of cash. Then, we would love to suggest a 90cc to 120cc chainsaw. These saws are super sleek and have been designed for professional loggings. 

Final words

We are utterly grateful that you are still with us until the end and please have our sincere gratitude for spending your valuable time with patience. We have tried to clear your doubts and helped you to decide which one to buy Skip Chain Vs Full Comp. 

Now you have to be careful enough about your decision. Do figure out your requirements first. Then go and buy one.

On top of that, you got to know the differences between these two on various grounds. 

Well, we are wrapping up here. Enjoy your day.

Jim Boslice

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