Milwaukee Battery Green But Not Charging (3 Reasons)

We use Milwaukee batteries mainly for hard tools like table saws and all. The use of these batteries is really utilizing what we all know. But if these do not charge properly, this becomes very problematic. 

If your Milwaukee battery green but not charging, the temperature is the first thing to look at. That means the battery might be too hot to be charged. There might be other issues like not being able to receive signals. And lastly, there could be internal issues too.

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You now know about the reasons behind this issue. But you can not resolve this unless you know the solutions.

Milwaukee Battery Won’t Charge Green Light And Solutions

If you see your Milwaukee battery green while charging, you feel secure. Because it is charging properly. But how pathetic would that be finding out that it is not charging actually!

Yes, that means the Milwaukee battery is green but not charging at all. No, that would be really pathetic and annoying at the same time. 

This can easily lead to Milwaukee miter saw issues. You must be really confused about that.

Well, there are a few things behind it. Your battery may be going through an issue with this.

Reason 1: Too Hot Battery

The first thing that might be responsible is the temperature of the battery. That means the battery might just be really hot to be charged. 

And a way too hot battery does not generally charge even if it is green. So, why does the battery get hot? Well, it can be for multiple reasons. 

But what happens mainly is running for too long. If you’re running the battery for a really long time, it would be so hot. 

The temperature would keep on increasing until and unless it drains up all its charge. And then when you try to charge the battery, it would not!

Remember this may be a reason for your table saw blade spinning issues.


To get your battery out of this issue, you need to cool it down. So, how do I cool down my Milwaukee battery?

First, you take off the battery to let it rest for about 10 minutes.

Now, clean the battery terminals. To clean it in a proper way, you need alcohol. This might not be regular as this is with a lower pH scale and hence acidic. 

So, take a cloth and clean the battery terminals with that. Do not forget to disconnect the charger though.

Then take a few drops of that modified alcohol and clean the terminals again. You also need to clean the terminals of the charger port. 

Now, you can connect the charger to let it charge again. And finally, you would be able to charge your Milwaukee battery.

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Reason 2: Battery Resist to Receive Signals

Sometimes, your battery may fail to receive signals although it is green. That means this is a problem with the particular battery. As a result, the battery can not receive a signal.

The charger tends to keep green as being able to charge. However, the battery can not receive signals which resist it to charge.

This is generally a temporary problem. Like, it is not permanent that your battery would have issues charging. So, following the right solution may resolve this with time.

You know this can be responsible for bandsaw motor issues.


You do not have to replace the battery if you notice this issue. Yes, you read that right. All you need is another battery to fix it. So, take a battery that is fully charged.

Now, you need to connect the terminals of both batteries. But how do I connect the battery terminals? Well, you may want to use copper wire for this.

Not sure about this at all? Nothing to worry about. We have got you! Take a look for an idea here.

Hope this helps!

Once you get copper wire for this, connect the terminals properly in correspondence. But do not forget to connect the battery terminals serial-wise. For safety, you tape the wire too. Now, wait for a while to work this on. 

And after about 10 minutes you may disconnect the terminals. Now, you can connect the charger to the battery. And you would see that your Milwaukee battery starts charging fine!

Reason 3: Internal Issues

You know a technical thing could always have technical or internal issues. There are a number of crucial things internally. 

And you can not understand all these complex mechanisms. So, there might be internal issues for which the Milwaukee battery won’t charge.


To resolve this, you may need to reset the Milwaukee battery.

So, how to reset the Milwaukee battery? Well, this is one of the simplest things you may do.

So, to reset this battery, you take it off the set first. Hold on a few minutes then. After that, you place it on the charger again. See, if it resets and works properly now.

But if you see the battery is still having issues, this might be something else. Basically, this might be something that you can not work on.

In that case, you need professional help. They can fix it if it is actually possible. Or else, you may need to get a new one if it is not fixable.

So, these are the things that you may come across. And hopefully, you can resolve the issues easily! Good luck!

But do not forget one thing. Like, the issues are not always with the battery itself. Because the charger could be responsible too. 

So, you also need to troubleshoot the charger at times too. In such a case, the charger needs to look into to resolve the issues.


Is it okay to reset the Milwaukee batteries?

Yes, it is okay to reset the Milwaukee batteries if it is needed. But that does not mean you would do it again and again. Because resetting a battery, again and again, may have an adverse effect on it. To reset it, take off the battery and put it in the charger again.

Is a Milwaukee battery always fixable?

Well, you can not get any direct answer to it. Because it actually depends on the degree of the problem. However, hard tool batteries like Milwaukee are generally fixable. So, you would have a good chance of being able to fix these batteries.

How long does a hard tool battery last?

The lifetime of a hard tool battery depends on its type. But a hard tool battery can last longer than the normal one. Batteries like Milwaukee can last longer than 2 years at least. So, if you can use these batteries properly, they could last for more than 3 years.


Now you know why is the Milwaukee battery green but not charging! You should not have any issues resolving these now.

But keep one thing in your mind. If you come across any type of symptoms, hold on to that.

Like, you must not overlook the symptoms expecting them to be fixed themselves. Rather you work on it to fix that.

Good luck!

Jim Boslice

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