Milwaukee Miter Saw Problems (3 Reasons + Solutions)

Milwaukee miter saws are great with their utilities. You can use these to cut a wide range of soft or hard things usually.

Nevertheless, it has also got some issues too. And you can not proceed further with any issues with the saws.

Milwaukee miter saw problems have 3 main reasons. First of all, the miter saw might have a motor with worn-out brushes. If not, the bevel gauge of the saw might be misaligned. Lastly, you may see that the blade of the saw is not positioned properly.

These are the reasons behind the problems in a brief. But you must read along to know about the solutions.

3 Reasons Behind Milwaukee Miter Saw Issues and Solutions

Milwaukee Miter saw seem inevitable with its utilities. But factually, you get issues in each and every mechanical stuff. And Milwaukee miter saw does get some issues too.

Unless you resolve the issues, you can not get it working fine again. And to resolve the issues, you need to know what exactly the problem is! 

Reason 1: Worn-out Motor Brushes

You are aware that the table saw blade does not automatically revolve. However, it needs the assistance of the engine to continue spinning. 

Thus, the blade would also experience problems if the motor were to experience any problems.

The motor brushes’ deterioration is one of the causes of this. So why do motor brushes eventually wear out? Well, there are a few reasons why this occurs.

However, the friction between the brush and the commutator is the principal cause of this. Electrical erosion develops as a result, and the brushes begin to deteriorate.

The motor brushes eventually become entirely worn out. The table saw blade cannot rotate properly as a result.

As time goes by, the blade may even stop spinning completely. And this mainly happens due to a lack of lubrication similar to a chainsaw running out of gas.


If you can comprehend that your motor brushes need to be replaced, do so. So how do you replace damaged motor brushes

Therefore, it’s possible that you won’t be able to fix the present brush. You must therefore replace that.

But remember to keep this in mind. Additionally, you must ensure that you oil as necessary. No, it need not be a routine or daily occurrence.

Nevertheless, you must get your motor lubricated as necessary. Consequently, that is how to resolve the motor brush problem.

Here it is if you’re looking for lubricants. We’ve tried to compile a handful of the best. Look at this.

Hope this helps!

Remember these blades are long-lasting like the lifetime of miter saw blades

Reason 2: The Misalignment of the Bevel Gauge

You could occasionally realize that your saw bevel gauge is not properly aligned. Even if you are not aware of it, it will still cause symptoms.

You would observe that the cutting angles were not what you desired. Additionally, the miter saw would not be able to cut through items completely.

If there is a collision, the bevel gauge will become out of alignment. For instance, you can be putting something that is far thicker than it can support.

The bevel gauge may then experience pressure, which could lead to alignment issues. Your saw blade may begin to sway as a result of this.


You don’t need something complex or anything similar for this. Rather, you only need to adjust your miter saw’s bevel gauge.

You would look at the instructions in the manual first. There are instructions on how to align your miter saw’s level gauge.

But if you’re still clueless about it, don’t worry! Start by releasing the adjustable screws.

Therefore, the bevel gauge’s screws must be easy to be removed. Then you simply adjust the angle of it.

You next reinstall the screws and tighten them following that. For this, you can use any kind of screwdriver. 

So, you do not have to be uncertain about it in case you’re unsure. If that was not too small, that would be acceptable.

Reason 3: The Misposition of the Blade

The blade location of your miter saw is a fairly frequent cause of improper cutting. The blade wouldn’t cut all the way through if it wasn’t positioned correctly.

This primarily occurs when you randomly chop things of erratic sizes. You are aware that your miter saw blade might accidentally be positioned.

As a result, the miter saw is unable to properly and successfully cut the objects. As a result, when cutting down, you cannot go all the way through the objects.


To remedy this, you must replace the saw’s blade. Depending on the kind of saw one possesses, there are many recommended practices.

So, you may follow one of them for inserting a blade. Some saws come equipped with a lever. 

They need to be taken out before a new saw blade is installed. Others require an Allen screw to be loosened. 

Some even incorporate a locking pin to prevent the blade from falling out. Some people report a combination of these symptoms. 

The owner’s manual would be very helpful to review again. This will guarantee that neither blade is correctly secured nor inserted.

But it also guarantees that the blade is properly fitted and fixed. However, doing so will reduce the possibility of a saw blade coming off.

There is a way to use locking pins and Allen screws. Loosen the bolts as much as you can without completely removing them.

The blade will undoubtedly continue to have difficulty moving. Drill chuck issues may be to fault if this occurs.

In that case, think about setting the saw on its side. To completely remove the blade, you should also rotate it from one end to the other.

The pin keeping the saw blade in place may come away when you lean the saw to one side. The blade can be taken out.

But if the blade is still giving you any trouble, just take it out. Keep in mind that if you absolutely want to change the blade, this is a great opportunity to do so.

And that must resolve this problem! So, that is how you go along to get these issues solved.


Is it a must to replace the miter saw for not cutting through?

No, it’s not a must to replace your miter saw if it doesn’t cut through. Because you can definitely follow our guidelines to resolve the issue. However, the saw may be permanently damaged at times. In that case, the replacement of this would be needed. But this does not happen very often.

Do I need to lubricate the blade of my miter saw?

Yes, it is better to consider lubricating the blade of the miter saw. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing is that you definitely do not lubricate the blade regularly. You may lubricate it just when you feel like it is needed. But mostly, lubrication is not a must.

Do I need to change the blade of my miter saw?

Yes, you may need to change the blade of your miter saw. It is needed whenever you see that the blade becomes noticeably old. You need to change it as this would not work fine after a time. The finishes may look kind of bluntly finished or so. That is why you need to change it when needed.

Final Words

Now you know about the Milwaukee miter saw problems! We believe there would be no issues resolving these problems now.

But remember one thing. Try not to cut too thick objects with your miter saw. Because this can gradually make your saw blade blunt. And it may even damage the miter saw in fact. That would not even take so long.

Be aware of it!

Jim Boslice

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