Ridgid Cordless Nailer Not Sinking Nails (3 Reasons)

Ridgid cordless nail guns are great and have been popular among users since the beginning. We can use it very simply and this comes in really handy.

However, there are some issues with this like not sinking the nails properly.

Ridgid cordless nailer may stop sinking nails due to 3 main reasons. First, this may have got the bit that is not inserted properly. But if not, the nail gun may be jammed. Yes, this is very common today. And lastly, the problem might not be with the gun but the surface or nails.

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Ridgid Cordless Brad Nailer Problems and Solutions

Using cordless nailers is quite common today. And it is a simple task like cutting steel rods. But an issue with it could be really problematic.

If you see your Ridgid cordless nailer having issues with sinking nails, you can’t proceed. Because sinking nails is what you do with them. But what to do if your Ridgid cordless nailer can not sink nails?

Reason 1: Nail Gun Bit Not Inserted Properly

The first reason for not sinking nails properly is misplacement. That means the bit of the nail gun is not inserted properly. Yes, you read that right.

Due to the placement of the nail gun bit, the sinking of nails may vary. So, why does the nail gun bit not sit well

So, this happens basically if you can not insert the bit properly. Like, if you are an amateur or doing it for the first time, it may happen. Because it especially happens for the newbies.

However, the situation may change too. So, if you can not insert the nail gun bit properly, there would be issues.

This could be similar to the Propress fittings issues.


So, to fix this, you need to adjust the nail gun bit again. Well, you first need to take it off.

Yes, you take off the bit and then do it again. Because trying to fix it there without talking it off would not be feasible. Even if it seems okay at first, it would eventually become slack.

So, take off the bit and then clean it with a cloth. No, it does not have to be a major clean. Just rub the nail gun bit once or twice all around. 

Now, see if the set is 23 gauge and ½ inches. If you are new then you may be a bit confused about it. But this is the measurement that you need to look at.

So, if you are able to get the measurements right, you are already a step ahead. And then you just need to be patient and insert the nail gun bit properly.

Thus, you get to fit in the nail gun bit properly.

Reason 2: Jammed Nail Gun

A very common reason for your nailer not sinking nails is it being jammed. Yes, if your nail gun is jammed then it can not sink the nails.

Because the bit would not be able to work properly. And hence this would not be put in the nails properly. This is similar to Milwaukee miter issues. So, why does the nail gun get jammed?

Well, your Ridgid cordless nailer may get jammed if you keep it open. To be precise, if you do not keep your nailer covered once you are done, it would be jammed.

And do not forget that it also gets in particles while nailing down. Yes, dust particles come in contact with it very often. You can not especially control it when you are on a project and nailing it down.

As a result, your nail gun gets jammed with dirt particles over time. And that is when it resists stopping working properly. Like, it can not do the operations actually.


To resolve this, you do nothing other than clean the jammed nailer. So, to get started take off the bit first. Take it very gently so that it is not damaged or even deviated.

Now, take a brush and clean your nail gun very thoroughly. You must not leave off any portion while you are brushing to clean. 

And one thing you may notice this time is a jammed nail. Yes, you read that right! You may actually get a jammed nail inside. So, you definitely need to take out the jammed nail.

Once you clean your nailer thoroughly, let it be like that for a while. Let some air pass through that. Once it is done, reassemble it. And your nail gun should be ready to use again!

Reason 3: Problem with the Nails Or the Surface

Sometimes, the problem is not with the nail gun. Perhaps, it is the issue of the nails or the surface. It might be due to the bad condition of the nails.

Other than that, the surface where you are nailing could be problematic too. Like, the surface may be too hard to get nailed down.

Or, the surface may not be built in a way that you can drill something. So, you can not always put the blame on your nail gun actually.


For this, you may first look at the nails. Like, if the nails are not good enough, get them changed. Yes, you may need to get a couple of new nails in that case.

Now, if you are not sure about this, take a look. We got here a few pickups for you.

Hope this helps!

But if you think the surface is not compatible, you may have nothing to do. You either have to change the place or the project.

Another thing you may consider is calling an expert. He or she may have come up with a different idea perhaps.

So, these are the problems and solutions of the Ridgid cordless nailer. Hopefully, you get these solved easily!


Is it normal to have issues with my Ridgid cordless nailer?

Yes, it is not normal to have issues with a cordless nailer. That means you do not have to replace it with any issues. However, it is not something regular. Like, if the nailer has any issues, you need to look at it. And then you fix it accordingly.

What type of other issues a cordless nailer may have?

There might be a number of issues with a cordless nailer. No, it is not like these have issues all the time. But their problems are more or like similar, if not the same. The common ones are turning off suddenly, stalling, and many more. But fixing these is pretty easy.

Is the depth of a nail gun adjustable?

Yes, the depth of a nail gun is adjustable. So, you can change or fix the depth of the nail gun anytime. You would find a lock for this. To change the depth of this, you can unlock it. And then fix it accordingly and you can lock this again.

Final Words

Now you know why the Ridgid cordless nailer is not sinking nails! You would not have any issues resolving the issues now.

But remember one thing about it. Do not try to drill any damp surface with this Ridgid cordless nailer. Because this would have a chance to get damaged due to the damp surface.

So, consider this while you use the nailer.

Jim Boslice

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