Propress Fittings Problems (Why And What to Do?)

We use Propress fitting to connect any type of fittings or lines. And this ensures a secure connection or attachment with no leakage at all.

However, if there is an issue with the Propress fittings, there might be chances of leakages.

So, what are the reasons behind the Propress fittings problems?

Well, the reason behind this is the pipes are not being inserted properly. This is very common today. However, there could also be other issues like the improper size of the pipes. And lastly, the fittings may also be touched or hit by people.

So, these are the common reasons which can be resolved too!

3 Reasons Behind Propress Fittings Problems And Solutions

Propress fittings can last like a miter saw lasts in its lifetime. But this can still have issues.

If you notice any Propress fitting issues, that must be alarming! Because a problematic Propress fitting would definitely create a mess. And you would just not want any mess up. 

So, you would definitely want to resolve the issues in no time. However, you can not get to it without knowing the reasons behind this. So, what are the reasons behind the Propress fittings problems?

Reason 1: Pipes Not Inserted in Depth

One of the most common reasons for this issue is the pipe not being inserted properly. Like, the one who is installing this fails to insert the pipe at the Progress. 

As a result, the pipe can not reach the depth of the Propress properly. This can be like your house may have a watery mess symptom.

So, it stays loose from the beginning. Even if it seems alright at first, it would not be eventually. That means the fittings would start loosening and become slack as time goes by.

Thus, there would be a mess at a time when the pipes get detached completely.


For this, the first thing would be to tighten the fittings in a proper way. That means when you are attaching the pipes and the Propress, keep them firm. You must not keep any slack or loose space for these.

However, if you think you already made a mistake by keeping it loose, hold on! Yes, you can fix it too. So, how to fix a loose Propress fitting?

Well, to get this done, you first turn off the pipe system. That means if it is off the water system, you turn off the water line. Because you would not like any watery mess while fixing it.

Once you turn it off, you now need to take off the Propress fitting. Be very gentle while you are performing this action. 

Once you take it off, you place the pipes properly with ideal alignment. And using an impact wrench may not be a good idea here.

Remember that although you can redo the Propress fittings, it is still better not to do so. Because it would have a chance of getting damaged or even more slack.

So, put the pipes in the proper place so that you do not have to redo them. Once you do this, put on the Propress again. Tighten it firmly without any gap left there. 

And finally, you are done tightening the Propress fittings.

Reason 2: Improper Size of the Pipes

Another common reason for Propress fitting problems is the mismatch in the size. That means when you attach or link the pipes using Propress fittings, there are measurements. 

And you need to ensure that while you are fitting those. If you fail to consider the sizes, the fittings would remain loose. 

Like, while you set this, you need to see if the pipes are too small. You need to compare the pipes with the Propress before you are installing this.

Or else, the fittings would become loose eventually. However, it is not always due to a smaller pipe. That means it can happen if the pipe is way too big too.

Like, attaching a very big pipe compared to the Propress would not work fine either. You may be able to fit it at the first. But it would turn out to be problematic eventually.


Basically, this problem does not have a solution all the time. You can resolve this only if it is permissible to change the Propress size.

Because you can not just change the pipes for this. Rather, you may take off the Propress fittings and get on another one.

Whether the pipes are small or big, you fix that according to the size. In a brief, take off the Propress fitting and take the necessary measurements.

Then get a new Propress according to the measurements. Remember that you need to be as much precise as you can while considering the measurements.

Once you get the new Propress, install it again. Make sure you tighten them firmly as needed. And that is how you can resolve this issue.

Reason 3: Touched Or Hit

Sometimes, you may notice people touching or hitting the pipes without a purpose. This can be seen especially in children. 

So, if the Propress fittings are touched they may be affected. It does not matter if you hit it or not. But it still may have an effect. 

With time, the Propress fittings may become a bit slack due to it. And due to this, the fittings would have started having gaps.

For these gaps, the Propress fittings would come in contact with air. Gradually, this would start reacting with the air particles too.

Due to this, the Propress fittings may also get rusted over time. And that is when the fittings may start getting damaged gradually.

This is similar to bandsaw motor problems.


For this problem, you basically need to freshen this. That means you need to get your Propress fittings out of rust. But there is a time limit for this.

Like, if you notice it at a primary stage, you can get this off. But if you do not notice it at the first, you may not be able to treat it. So, how to take off the rust from Propress fittings?

Well, to take this off, you need lemon juice first. Then you put some salt into the juice to make a paste. 

After that, you can apply this paste to the Propress fittings to treat the rust. You may not be able to take it off the first time. 

So, keep on doing this multiple times a week to get your Propress fittings rust-free. And these are the problems and solutions of the Propress fittings!


Can the Propress fittings get rusted over time?

Yes, the Propress fittings may get rusted over time. But it is not something that is a must. Because it mainly depends on how the fittings are being treated. If you can keep this clean and dry as needed, it would stay good. But if the fittings are almost always damp, they may get rusted.

Do I need to replace the Propress fittings after a time?

No, you would not need to replace the Propress fittings after a time. Because these are very good with durability. You do not have to replace or change these fittings if you use them properly. But with improper or rough usage, the fittings may start damaging as time goes by.

Can I reuse the damaged or leftover Propress fittings?

No, you may not be able to reuse the damaged or leftover Propress fittings actually. This is because these fittings may start getting rusted as they are damaged. With time, these fittings would be utterly damaged and rusted.

The Final Words

Now you know about the Propress fittings problems! That means you would not have issues considering what you look at for this.

However, one thing to keep in mind. Do not ever keep the Propress fittings loose or in any disorganized attachment. Because that would have the risk of the fittings messing up.

So, be very careful to ensure the fittings are alright!

Jim Boslice

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